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  • Draw faster draft proposals
  • Work more efficiently with your sales team and engineering department
  • Bring value to your house portfolio
  • Provide quicker proposals with better conversion rates

Cedreo is a fast, intuitive and easy-to-use home design software application designed to help professionals boost home sales using 3D technology. It makes it possible for home builders, remodelers and other businesses, dealing in real estate development, to become more reactive during preliminary draft phases and optimize sales using quality presentations.

Services Cedreo

Empower your sales force

Thanks to the simplicity of our home design software, sales representatives working for home construction groups can draw a house plan in a few clicks, decorate it and render lifelike images of their clients’ home project.


Introduce a more efficient sales process

Using our 3D house designer, sales representatives can provide their clients with a truly customized proposal quickly. Sales cycles become shorter, with a increase of your overall conversion rate.

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Cedreo Logiciel Plan maison 3D professionnel pour les constructeurs

Unclog your engineering office

Drawing preliminary drafts of house plans won’t have to be reserved only for your technical engineers Cedreo makes it possible for sales representatives to create preliminary house projects quickly and easily with little experience with 3D architectural software.

Your engineers will be able to concentrate on completing confirmed projects, applying for building permits or working on developing new house models for your portfolio.

Cedreo brings your sales and engineering teams closer to achieve better organization and efficiency.

Save time during drafting phases

Our Cedreo home designer was designed to be easy-to-use and answer the needs of non-technical users working in home construction and renovation groups. Cedreo users are ready to draw within only one day of training and can start creating projects almost immediately.