CEDREO is a publisher of 3D architecture software solutions for professionals working in home building and construction. It was founded in 2005.

Since technical CAD architecture software solutions are too complicated and too labor intensive to use for pre-construction phases, we offer a much more simple, flexible, faster and attractive alternative based on innovative technology.

With Cedreo, it takes but a few clicks to create a space in 3D and visualize it in high quality, even if you’ve started from scratch and with no specific experience using 3D technology.

Our clients save a lot of precious time during pre-construction phases and significantly increase their commercial efficiency.

What we do


We focus on your core needs to provide you with the perfect answer!

  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency
  • Visual quality
Cedreo 3D

How we do it


Computer UX

Easy-to-use software

Say goodbye to bland, dull interfaces with thousands of buttons and hidden features! Cedreo gives great importance to User Experience and believes in sparing its users pointless computer manipulations. Usability is central to our software: we want to give you a simple, efficient and user-friendly tool!


The best service we can offer

We cannot provide happiness for all, but we at least guarantee it for our users! Technical support and lifelong training are essential to our service. No AI or offshore hotline here at Cedreo: a free hotline service based in France is available for our users!


Of the importance of knowledge bases

We have noticed that our users (too) often started their projects from scratch. To avoid repeatedly reinventing the wheel at each home project your sales team works on, we offer sharing features and provide our users with a portfolio of plans they can draw inspiration from.