Gestion avant-projet et création de maison 3D avec Cedreo - Portail d'identification

Picto Organisez vos avant-projets 3D


Cedreo is much more than just a 3D home design software! Cedreo allows your sales team to manage the whole proposal preliminary process in the same place and without depending on other departments! Cedreo also ensures better communication within and between your teams by offering sharing options between sales representatives and engineers from your technical department. More efficient, and therefore more cost-efficient!

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Picto Cedreo tracé de toit


Our 3D solution Cedreo makes it possible to draw custom house plans or tailor existing plans in a portfolio that can be accessed by both your sales team and your engineering department. All house plans are fully customizables with dimensions, labels and colors to make them easier to read for your clients.

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Présentation ordinateur - Tracé avant-projet et création de maison 3D avec Cedreo

Présentation ordinateur - Aménagement avant-projet et création de maison 3D avec Cedreo

Picto Cedreo dessin de plan 2d-3d


Cedreo is 3D architectural design software that helps your clients see themselves in new spaces through your home design proposals! Decorate their home model in 3D with our furniture and materials libraries, created specifically for home builders. Our libraries are regularly updated according to our users’ needs.

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Boost your standard commercial presentations using 3D lifelike renderings! Don’t just present your clients with 2D floor plans. With Cedreo, show them fully furnished 3D house plans, exterior and interior images that will help them visualize their home project.

Cedreo is easy-to-use and allows sales representatives to make changes in a client’s project themselves and therefore accelerate sales cycles by not having to regularly require the intervention of your design engineers.

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Présentation ordinateur - Valorisation avant-projet et création de maison 3D avec Cedreo