• Help clients experience the plan in 3D using customized interior design
  • Use thousands of materials and furniture items
  • Need other furniture and materials for your project? We add to Cedreo 3D libraries depending your needs!


On top of drawing 2D house floor plans, Cedreo allows you to visualize home building projects in 3D. Once you have finished drawing your floor plans, you have access to our 3D tools, where you’ll be able to design your client’s home décor.

With our 3D interior design tool, sales representatives can design the client’s whole house. Tools are even provided for garden design.

3D interior design: the key to true customization

It can be difficult for your clients to be immersed in a project if all they have is a technical blueprint. 3D interior design is the best solution to help them overcome that barrier.

Show them in 3D what their future home will look like. Thanks to 3D home design, your clients can gain an emotional bond regarding their home projects more easily than if based on just 2D documents.

A bright sitting room with a comfortable couch and matching armchairs is all it takes to show the true potential of a living room: it highlights both volumes and how practical the room is in day-to-day life.

Logiciel décoration et aménagement 3D maison

Logiciel décoration et aménagement 3D maison

Take 3D home design outside, too!

Cedreo doesn’t just allow sales representatives to show clients ‘interiors’ of their future home in 3D: we take it to the next step and allow you to design all outside spaces of your client’s home.

The Exterior step in our software allows you to draw your landscape around the house in order to show your client’s home in its actual surroundings. You can then use our dedicated furniture and materials library for outdoor layout to design the complete exterior plan, such as retaining walls, grass, flower beds, bushes, children swings, swimming pools, patios.

Aperçu catalogue aménagement extérieur 3D

Libraries made for and by our clients

Cedreo is constantly evolving: this is why we give you the ability to contribute to the content of our libraries to make sure they are relevant to your needs and your business.

Do you need a specific item of furniture or a particular material to design a project? Do you have architectural needs based on the location of the home? Contact Cedreo to ask us to design it and upload it to our library! We make sure our libraries are the perfect fit for your business as a home professional!