Etape plan PC

  • Draw in 3D without previous experience
  • Draw your plan faster with a layout assistant
  • Import your floor plans
  • Edit your 2D plan for better readability

Floor plan creator designed for sales representatives

No need to be a 3D expert to create house floor plans using Cedreo!

Cedreo is 3D architectural software designed to make drawing floor plans easy. Separate steps guide the users and take them through drawing walls, inserting doors, windows and other openings and editing your plan using advanced features. Sales people (or teams) are able to draw the floor plans of an entire preliminary house project in very little time.

Dessin de plan de maison avec logiciel 3D Cedreo

Time-saving features

A final floor plan has been drawn by engineers and has been sent to your sales representatives? This plan can be directly imported into Cedreo. Once it’s been formatted and scaled in our interface, you will be able to use trace to draw your house more rapidly and visualize it in 3D.

And to go even faster, use the projects’ portfolio shared between your sales team and your engineers! These house designs have already been drawn in 3D, validated by the engineers and is ready to be customized for your client in Cedreo.

Layout assistants for faster house plans

The less time your sales representatives lose drafting floor plans, the more time they have to meet with clients and sign new deals! Cedreo comes with a range of smart features to optimize the time spent drawing houses in 3D:

  • Import house floor plans
  • Trace images
  • Share floor plans
  • Magnetism to draw faster
  • Customizable walls
  • Customizable doors and windows
  • Automatic roofs
  • Split-level houses
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Automated surface area calculations

With Cedreo, your plans carry meaning, even in 2D!

Help your clients project themselves into their future dream home design right from the start!

A number of features to edit your 2D plans are available so that you can make them easier to read and improve communication with your client.

Choose to add dimensions, add color to areas to highlight the different parts of the house (living space with kitchen, sitting room, dining rooms, night space with bedrooms, etc.) and visually identify wall types (garage wall, insulated outside wall, waterproof wall…) For optimal readability, rooms can be labeled separately and callouts can be adapted to the client’s design.

Also use this advanced 2D floor plan as an opportunity to give clients a preview of the rooms’ size by adding symbols featuring furniture and overall home décor: sofa, bathtub, equipped kitchen, etc.

Dessin de plan de maison 2D