• Organize preliminary drafts by client
  • Share projects with your engineering and sales teams
  • Ask technical engineers for design validation
  • Compose your house models portfolio
  • Gather all your information in one place

All of your information in one place

It takes on average five initial drafts to validate a design with your client. Cedreo comes with an advanced projects management system that makes it easy to store and find all versions of one project.

Présentation ordinateur - Gestionnaire de projets logiciel 3D Cedreo

Search in your database easily

Our Search feature allows you to find all projects linked to a specific client, browse your projects’ history using a number of useful criteria (surface, bedrooms, style, price…) and download your floor plans and 3D images.

Share your house plans’ library

Cedreo allows users from the same group to share projects with the rest of the sales team or with the engineering department for validation.

It has never been so easy to create a portfolio of standard plans with house models that have received your engineers’ validation. Your sales team can take advantage of this collaborative database and draw preliminary drafts faster.

Logiciel de dessin de plan de maison Cedreo