• 2D & 3D floor plans
  • Surface area tables
  • HD indoor and outdoor images
  • 360° virtual tours

Our main goal here at Cedreo: make sure that each of your commercial presentations is a success! That’s why we provide home construction professionals with an easy-to-use, high-performance software tool that allows you to render quality 3D images, answer your client’s questions rapidly and come back to them with the ideal, custom solution before any of your competitors!

Perspective maison 3D avec jardin et piscine

Maison du sud avec piscine

Help your clients make decisions

Reports featuring all the house’s surfaces, 2D floor plans, fully furnished 3D plans, lifelike pictures of the future house’s curb appeal and rooms… These are the only things you will ever need to reassure your clients and help them make decisions faster.

Surpass your competitors

Satisfy your clients more quickly

During a preconstruction meeting, have your clients identified several elements that they would like to change in their project? Add a floor, make the study smaller to give more room for the master bedroom…

Thanks to our easy to use 3D architecture software, your sales representatives don’t need to send these issues to your engineering department and and then wait several days for the updated floor plans. They can make these changes themselves and render updated floor plans and pictures to communicate to the client. With Cedreo, you can get back to your customer within a day!

Insérer un ouvrant sur le logiciel de dessin de plan de maison 3D Cedreo

Aménagement intérieur 3D avec Cedreo logiciel d'architecture pour constructeur de maison

High-quality lifelike images

Cedreo is hosted online, on a secured cloud space dedicated to your company! This infrastructure makes it possible for us to lend you our powerful servers: we’ll provide you with the fastest rendering speed you’ll ever need to generate your HD virtual pictures!

Give attractive, efficient presentations by adding high-quality, customized views of your constructions’ indoor and outdoor spaces.

Cedreo 3D technology for your communication

Cedreo can also be used to develop your visibility and boost your branding image: our rendered images can be used for promotional purposes on your website and on social networks, for instance 360° virtual visits.

Perspectives photoréalistes faites avec Cedreo logiciel d'architecture pour constructeur de maison