What is the Difference Between a 2D and 3D Rendered Floor Plan?

The choice between showing a client a 2D and 3D rendered floor plan is in what you want to communicate: they have different objectives and don’t convey the same message.
2D floor plan

2D Floor Plans Allow to

  • communicate the technical side of the project which is essential for specialty contractors who will work on the housing project.
  • show very clearly the structure of the house including load-bearing walls, wall types, the opening direction and orientation of the windows and doors.
  • display the measurements of each room and the surface areas.
3D floor plan rendering

3D Floor Plans Allow to

  • communicate the vision of the house design to the home buyer
  • get a great understanding of the overall project. This is the reason why home builders, remodelers or interior designers create them to help their clients envision their space.
  • show a fully furnished project to visualize the actual size of each room and identify where revisions are necessary to fit with the clients needs.

They are created with a floor plan software and are usually presented together with interior and exterior 3D renderings to the home buyers. These deliverables are essential to sell a home project.

Both 2D and 3D rendered floor plans are used by housing professionals to present a house project to different people involved in a house building project.

Tips about how to choose the best floor plan rendering software in this article .

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