The 3D landscaping software for your preliminary outdoor designs

Cedreo Landscaping software with a house 3D rendering
  • 3D garden landscape design at your fingertips
  • Realistic 3D environment around your home design project
  • Large range of products and exterior surface coverings
  • Grouped product packs to help you decorate quickly

3D exterior landscape design for the home building and renovation industry

Outdoor spaces and garden landscaping

Fully immersive 3D garden landscape design

3D landscape design software for your outdoor spaces. Plot the home on the property and add outdoor spaces: terrasses, driveways, hedges, etc...

Add exterior landscape design that meets your clients' needs: pools, trees, plants, lighting, etc... and your preliminary home design is ready for realistic 3D projections.

3D home environment

Fully furnished home decorating plan placed in a 3D environment

With Cedreo, add a 3D environment for the home in a realistic 3D setting, and help your client picture themselves there, down to the last detail.

Add decorations to 3D homes, on the ground floor or upstairs, to recreate a housing development or homes in an urban environment.

3,500 customizable exterior surface coverings

Home builders and remodelers can take advantage of a large choice of surface coverings to customize your preliminary designs to your clients' needs! Surface coverings allow you to adapt the home landscape design to match all architectural styles: tiles, slate, cladding, plaster, bricks, gravel, pebbles, pavers, asphalt, slabs, bare earth, teak, etc... Customize the roofing, wall colors, outdoor flooring, and change the orientation and size of your surface coverings to make the landscape design fit your client.
Exterior facade 3D coverings
Outdoor 3D furnishings

Complete catalogue of 3D furnishing and home decorations for your outdoor spaces

In addition to our interior home decoration 3D furnishing catalogue, Cedreo comes with a complete library of outdoor 3D furnishings and decoration objects.

Select from a wide range of plants (trees, shrubs, potted plants, climbing plants, bushes, flowerbeds), and outdoor equipment to decorate the outside spaces in your home design plans. Bring your clients a complete perspective of their projects in full 3D projects, to help them see themselves in their future gardens with cars, garden furniture, umbrellas, pools, lighting, sheds, BBQs, fences, screens, canopies, outdoor children's toys, etc...

Save even more time when creating your exterior landscape designs

Cedreo's landscape design software suite brings a catalogue of 3D furnishing and equipment, and grouped product packs. Bringing together a collection of furnishings, decorative objects, and outdoor landscaping, which can be positioned together within a project with just a click, including complete garden furniture sets, flower beds, etc... Time savings guaranteed!

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