How to Print Blueprints to Scale

Your floor plan is complete, and you’re excited to move on to the next step: printing blueprints. There’s only one problem: You don’t know how to print blueprints to scale. You may not even know where to print blueprints in the first place — much less how to print them to scale.

Here’s the good news: Cedreo makes it easy to print blueprints to scale every time. See below for everything you need to know.

Step #1. Draw or import floor plan

To print blueprints, you have to have a floor plan in the first place. You can either draw your floor plan from scratch or import it as a JPG or PNG file in Cedreo. If you decide to import your floor plan, you can then trace over the imported plan to simplify the process.

Step #2. Add wall openings, windows, and other design elements

With your floor plan created, it’s time to complete the design. That means adding windows, doors, and other wall openings, as well as surface coverings and design items from Cedreo’s 3D object library.

Step #3. Add dimensions

Adding dimensions is an important part of how to print a blueprint to scale. This is how you make sure every measurement stays accurate. Start by finding the “Plan” step. From there, select the “Quotation” tab. Use the Create Quotation tool to add measurements to all aspects of your floor plan. To adjust the size of any room, find the measurement you want to change in the “Layout” step and make the change easily.

Step #4. Go to the Blueprint Section of the Project Information Page

In Cedreo, you print blueprints from the Project Information page. Find that page and select “Blueprints” in the sidebar on the right. This will show you a preview of your floor plan.

Step #5. “Generate a PDF Blueprint”

Immediately beneath the blueprint preview, you will see some arrows and a download button. To share your file digitally, you would need to download it. But to print your blueprint to scale, find the “Generate a PDF Blueprint” button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step #6. Select Project Name, Levels, Scale, Format, Orientation, and Margins

Clicking that button will pull up a panel at the bottom of your screen. Fill out the information. You can change the name of the project, select the levels of the plan you want to print, choose the scale at which you want to print, select the format, decide how the blueprint is oriented on the page, and adjust the margins.

Step #7. Print Blueprints

Once you confirm the specifications you made in the step above, a PDF of your floor plan will download to your computer. You now have a printable, to-scale version of your floor plan. If you have access to a printer that can accommodate the size of paper you need, go ahead and print it. If not, plenty of print shops will be happy to print your newly downloaded PDF blueprint.

Now, it's your turn!