3D home architecture software
that helps you sell more, faster

Home design software
  • Save time in preliminary drafts
  • Handle more prospective clients
  • Help your clients picture themselves in their future home and sign quicker
  • Increase brand awareness with 3D renderings

A realistic preliminary draft
in a matter of minutes!

Intuitive, easy-to-use and quick to learn, with Cedreo home architecture software, no technical training is necessary to create realistic preliminary drafts in a matter of minutes, including all the necessary features to create your commercial proposals, from 2D plans to realistic projections of house, interior and exterior designs in 3D.
Rendering created with Cedreo software

Save time in preliminary drafts

Give sales teams greater autonomy

Give sales teams greater autonomy to make more sales

With Cedreo, from home plan to client presentation, sales teams are 100% autonomous.

The time needed between meetings is reduced, handle more clients and complete more sales.

Roughly 80% of all preliminary drafts are handled by our customers’ salespeople.

More efficient sales team

A more efficient sales team

Design layouts are ready for sales teams to build new preliminary drafts directly from your online Cedreo account. The sales teams can copy and personalize templates to match clients’ needs.

Cedreo’s architecture software increases the efficiency of your preliminary drafts.

sales team home exterior rendering

Help your clients picture themselves in their future home, and sign more quickly!

With Cedreo’s software, create all the materials needed for your clients’ home building projects: Present your 2D and 3D home plans and realistic-looking interior and exterior renderings. The client can picture themselves in their future home, giving them greater confidence, remove all semblances of doubt are removed in 3D: Space, design, etc… Your clients will spend less time making their decision before signing.

Our customers reduced the average time between the first meeting and signing the contract by 30%.

Increase your brand awareness with 3D renderings

3D renderings created with Cedreo’s software are a powerful tool that help architecture professionals build brand awareness with their potential clients.

On social media, on your website, at trade-shows or at your own studio, use them to help make your expertise stand-out from the crowd, and build new leads. Night-views, exterior renderings, and axonometric projects give you the tools to win over your new clients.

Exterior 3D rendering

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