Features at the Heart of Cedreo

Design all your construction or renovation projects with Cedreo

2D site plan designed with Cedreo

Site Plan

Import a dwg or dxf file, model a plot of land in less than 20 minutes, and generate a scaled ground plan.

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2D floor plan

Floor Plans

Import an existing plan, draw intuitively in 2D, visualize instantly in 3D, and download complete plants to scale.

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cross section with Cedreo

Cross-Section Plans

Create cuts on your plan, preview the result simultaneously, and easily add dimensions and annotations.

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elevation view made with Cedreo

Elevation Views

Simply select the appropriate view and customize it with show/hide elements, dimensions, and annotations.

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Roof plan generated with Cedreo

Roof Plans

Add a roof plan to your project with a single click. Display slopes, dimensions, and compass rose, and visualize the results simultaneously. Download in the desired scale, format, and quality.

Glass surfaces table

Glass Surfaces

Draw your project, add openings, add a compass rose, and orientate it on your plan. Instantly obtain the precise orientation of glass surfaces as a percentage.

surfaces area table

Surface Area Table

The surface area of your projects are automatically calculated in Cedreo and compiled in a downloadable table with floor areas per room.

Exterior 3D rendering at night

3D Exterior Renderings

Get photorealistic renderings of your projects’ exteriors integrated into their real environment in just a few minutes.

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Interior 3D render

3D Interior Renderings

Help your customers envision themselves with realistic renderings. Customize your projects by choosing from over 6,000 coatings and 3D objects.

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3D floorplan example

3D Plans

Get a 3D plan of your project in just a few minutes, with a white background, to give your customers a better view of the interior spaces.

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Presentation document

Presentation Documents

Create full presentation documents for your clients with live updated images and customized brand templates.

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Cedreo is simple and intuitive, but just in case, you can always count on Cedreo support.

Get up and running even faster, go further, and save time.

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“The essential tool for selling houses”

Easy-to-master software that produces realistic, attractive floor plans and 3D visuals. Prospects are delighted with the presentation, and as a result, sales advisors are helped in their approach and sales. CEDREO’s support is dynamic in terms of training and coaching.


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