Meet the Cedreo team!

Cedreo is currently composed of a diverse team of 30 people (approximately 50% women – equality is possible in a tech company!) with skills in 3D software engineering, computer graphics, ergonomics, and web marketing. This broad vision allows us to develop applications with high technical content while still being mindful of ergonomics and visual quality.
Mickaël K.

Mickaël Impatient CEO

Founder and director of Cedreo, Mickaël doesn’t like to waste time, so he makes sure that our customers and teams waste as little as possible: simplicity and efficiency is on the menu, an entire program…

Julien Demanding CTO

Julien is the technical director of Cedreo. Since the devil is in the details, Julien makes sure that nothing is missed. A genuine Atilla of computer bugs, Julien is also a great visionary whose straight talk helps avoid a lot of wasted effort.

Yasmina The nicest CFO in the West

The shortest path between two people is often kindness. Yasmina is the team’s GPS system for working on administrative and financial initiatives with brilliance, tact, precision, and finesse.

Henry Swiss knife

Both a gentle Viking and a control tower, like all people from the north, Henry has a sunny disposition even when it’s not sunny outside. His unwavering patience and sense of diplomacy and prioritization of issues make him the best possible representative for our customers at Cedreo.
Mickaël P.

Mickaël Philosophical lead developer

When he’s not playing the role of talented conductor, Mickaël is the virtuoso of algorithms, artist of architectural software, and maestro of code. A lead developer who is often imitated, but never equaled!

Geoffrey Big-hearted developer

Because Geoffrey does not put everything on his physique, he knows how to align the passings on Linux, do the one two on Back End/Front End, and use the sombrero technique with uncooperative servers.

Alain Full stack developer

Intelligence isn’t what you know, but what you do when you don’t know. You never know if Alain knows what he’s doing when he does it, but what we do know is that he sure does it well! An entire development team wrapped up in one person, no challenge scares him, except maybe technical mastery of the comb.

Gilles 3D Organist

Flexibility is better than meticulousness, but Gilles has both, and that’s sure to help. When you see Gilles on a keyboard, you can almost imagine he’s playing a symphony. His symphony is visual, and the result is always better than what the customer expected.

Cédric 3D Artisan

Because seduction is a fundamental element of users’ expected end results, Cédric works to make their lives easier by providing them with volumes of handmade products in the grand tradition of digital artisanship.

Christophe Liberating sales engineer

It seems that wine is a social lubricant. As a knowledgeable enthusiast, Christophe communicates with customers. And like a fine wine, he improves with time, since he even often provides after-sales service and support.
Charlotte M.

Charlotte Data-maniac CMO

Data is everything! In practice, it quickly becomes hard to digest… Fortunately, Charlotte works in the kitchen, and peels away layers of marketing data like an onion!

Aude Commercial fighter jet

Talking is a necessity; listening is an art! Aude is an artist who understands what clients need even before they know it themselves. They are delighted when Aude flies to their aid!

Cécile 3D magician

She isn’t quite ready to change water into wine, but she already changes plans drawn on the back of a napkin into realistic photo images - not bad, huh? With more than 7,000 3D plans to her credit, every day Cécile changes the lives of real estate professionals by providing them with high-quality images to show their customers!

Emilie G.O, Training & support

Success isn’t the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success. This is Emilie’s vocation for our clients and employees…happiness for all!

Hadrien Retro gamer developer

In addition to the fact that he’s sure to know the date of Bomberman’s most recent release, Hadrien was probably born with a keyboard in one hand and a line of code in the other.

Matthieu Heavy 3D designer

Glam, Extreme, Heavy, Death, Black, Dark, Power, Speed, Thrash, etc., Matthieu takes on any style with ease. We’ve asked him to add some like Nordic, Vintage, or Bohemian Chic to his repertoire!

Isabelle Patient accountant

Happiness consists of effectively juggling the multiple realities that affect us. When accounting realities confront us, Isabelle adds to our happiness by juggling the bills.
Charlotte C.

Charlotte Quiet strength computer graphics designer

We’re getting close to perfection when there’s nothing more to change on a 3D model. Charlotte will search the substantive marrow of materials and products, so the magic happens when our users click on the button.

François Sales engineer from Brest

When he’s not using his rock star voice to sing with joy at how happy he is to be at Cedreo, François takes care of our sales leads and conducts demos with the utmost care.
Cécile J

Cécile Smiling success manager

ls it happiness that makes us smile or a smile that makes us happy? Either way, Cécile is happy herself when she is making clients happy. And it shows! They say she could win over even the most discriminating, thanks to her super organizational powers!

Thomas Vagabond trainer

Thomas’s dream? A ukulele and lightweight luggage that you never set down… except when you visit clients for training! And since nothing scares him, when he isn’t crisscrossing all of France, Thomas provides after-sales service and support at Cedreo.

Sandrine Environmentally conscious salesperson

Our sales pioneer from the North and the Great East. But no fur parka for the journey: Sandrine is as green as you can get without being a Martian, and it’s she who guides Cedreo in its environmental and social responsibility initiatives!

Laëtitia Communication assistant & messenger of the gods

Our roller derby star ensures that communication goes as smoothly as if it were on roller skates. With her, our users stay current on our latest updates. If Hermès had roller skates, perhaps he could have been as efficient as Laëtitia.

Frédéric Game Master developer

When he isn’t on all fronts developing software, Frédéric organizes game nights that are on their way to becoming legendary. We always say he should have an entire room in his house filled with board games. He even manages to make filling the refrigerator fun, which just goes to show his skills!

Claire Head of social upward communication

It’s not always easy to spot Claire in the office - that’s why she catches up on social media. Our LinkedIn expert (and Facebook on her own time) always has the post needed to hit the mark in your news feeds.

Angélique Enchanting Digital Marketer

Don’t trust her cat ear helmet - Angélique has more magic than the Cheshire Cat. And when she isn’t hypnotizing internet users, she delights our taste buds with her sweet treats that she shares with us.

Jean-Daniel Astronaut developer

When Jean-Daniel isn’t supporting software code on the right servers, he’s campaigning to open a NASA section at Cedreo. In the meantime, he settles for his bike (electric, for propulsion) and his Lego rockets, which he generously shares with his little comrades.

Anthony Dark humor Success Manager

Anthony doesn’t like it when things are too easy. This is why he supports FC Nantes, continues to lose when playing Bomberman, and overcomes his phone phobia by answering calls from Cedreo users in distress!