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Design Home Construction Projects in Minutes, Without a CAD Background.

The best construction design software enables home builders, designers, and similar professionals to create complete, comprehensive home designs — in 2D and 3D — quickly. That’s not true of all construction design programs, but for the best ones, such as Cedreo, it’s one of the most important features.

Cedreo is designed for home builders who would like to spend less time drafting and less money on design while growing their business by closing more deals in less time. We have poured years into making our software the best there is because we know how important efficiency and reduced costs are in the construction industry. We believe you’ll like what you see, but if you’re not yet convinced, keep reading.

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Create 2D Plans and 3D Visualizations

Construction design programs that only allow you to create 2D floor plans are missing the depth and sales power of 3D home designs. Programs that only do 3D designs are missing the simplicity and critically important building specifications of a 2D floor plan. Architects, builders, designers and remodelers need both, and Cedreo has both.

2D Plans

2D Plans

No contractor design software is complete without a detailed, accurate 2D floor plan creation feature. Cedreo enables you to create complete 2D floor plan projects in half the time of typical construction drawing software. Quickly draw walls and corners, define room dimensions, add room labels and drag and drop 2D symbols to create a complete 2D design.

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2D floor plan designed with Cedreo

3D Plans

3D Plans

Visualize your 2D design in 3D as you draw with Cedreo. The 3D window allows you to see your design in 3D in real time as you draw in the 2D window. This saves you time in the drafting process and tons of money on professional 3D renderings.

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3D floor plan designed with Cedreo

Photorealistic Renderings

Photorealistic Renderings

If you can make one click and wait just a few minutes, you will get a breathtaking photorealistic rendering of your completed 3D home design from Cedreo. This gives you a high-quality visual representation of your design that can make your clients feel like they’re actually inside the completed building. In construction, there’s no better sales tactic than showing clients exactly what they will get if they work with you.

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3D rendering of a patio designed with Cedreo

See Why Others Choose Cedreo

logo Heartwood

“We can design almost anything.
That’s ultimately why we chose Cedreo.
Using the 3D renderings most certainly helps in selling the project.”

Sheree Ramm.

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logo Loft1

“Having this ability to do this in-house cuts down on the time
where we can present designs. And obviously it is cheaper.
For us, it was a huge win to find Cedreo. ”

Rob Zerrenner.

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Construction Design Software That Saves You Time and Money

Communicate better

Don’t just tell your clients what their project will look like. Show them with Cedreo, and close more deals.

“ I love all the well thought out accessories it includes, it has helped our clients see what their home will look like before we start the building process. Thank you Cedreo!” – Courtney S.

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Get it done

Wasted time is never good for your construction business. So, don’t waste time in your construction drafting software. Get started fast and finish fast.

“We were able to start with just a blueprint and work up to furnishing and materials in one afternoon!” – Vanessa S.

Skip the learning curve

Cedreo — no CAD knowledge required. All you need is a vision for your floor plan and project. The rest will come naturally when you use Cedreo.

“Terrific platform for creating spaces without the steep learning curve experienced with other products. A simple user interface mixed with excellent customer service makes Cedreo a great addition to any building professional looking to expand their business.” – Robert R.

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Save money, make money

With Cedreo, you save on design labor costs and the cost of 3D renderings, and you make more by closing more deals and getting the projects done faster.

“Cedreo helped us increase the output of renderings, decreasing overall costs of labor per customer.” – Sebastjan S.

“It is so easy to use! Everything is intuitive and one can use the software even without watching tutorial videos.” – Verified Reviewer

A Complete Online Toolkit for 3D Home Construction

Cedreo is packed with features meant to speed up the drafting process, bring your design quality to the next level, and grow your revenue. With our home construction design software, you can create a complete 3D home design in two hours or less.
Import floor plan icon

Import Floor Plans

Import any existing floor plan in JPG or PNG format and trace your walls over it to get the measurements exactly right in minutes.

Draw in 2D & View in 3D icon

Draw in 2D & View in 3D

Draw your floor plan in 2D and watch it populate in the 3D window in real-time. Each adjustment you make shows in 3D instantly.

Scale icon

Draw & Print to Scale

Download any floor plan you draw as a PDF and print it to perfect scale with your exact printing specifications. Quick, easy, and accurate.

Choose From 7,000+ Furnishings icon

Furnish With 7,000+ 3D Objects

Choose from more than 3,000 detailed 3D furnishings and decorations to show clients how their home will look with them living in it.

Resize icon

Resize Home Layouts

Adapt any existing project to fit your new clients’ expectations by moving walls and partitions to resize rooms or changing the size of the whole project at once.

Share Layout Designs icon

Share Home Designs

Quickly export 2D floor plans in common file formats and create photorealistic 3D renderings for clients and colleagues to view and comment on.

Draw icon

Use Continuous Drawing

Continuously draw your entire 2D home design by left-clicking to create corners and angles. Save time and close more deals.

Area table icon

Get Area Calculations

See the living area calculation for every room directly on your floor plan, or view the total area of your design in the accompanying table.

Render icon

Generate Photorealistic Renderings

Generate a stunning photorealistic rendering of your design in just one click. In five minutes or less, you’ll have an incredible sales asset to show your client.

Roof icon

Add a Roof in One-Click

Choose the roof type for your design and add the entire roof in a single click. The roof appears automatically, and you can customize it from there.

Level icon

Access Multi-Level Planning

Create multi-level homes with ease to turn a typical home design into an architectural work of art. Show or hide each level as you work and create your 3D renderings.

Materials icon

Customize Interior & Exterior Surface Coverings

Take your pick from more than 3,500 surface coverings for everything from the roof to the countertops. Customize to make your design picture-perfect.

Construction Design Software for Any Room or Layout

As a busy home builder, you need an all-in-one design solution that saves you time, money, and headaches. From detailed 2D floor plans to complete 3D construction projects, Cedreo can do it all. See below for all the proof you’ll need, or give Cedreo a try for free and with no obligation today.
2D house plan
2D house plan
3D house plan
3D house plan
3D exterior rendering
3D exterior rendering
3D interior rendering
3D interior rendering
3D exterior rendering
3D exterior rendering
3D interior rendering
3D interior rendering
2D landscape plan
2D landscape plan
3D landscape rendering
3D landscape rendering

“No other 3D home design even compares to Cedreo. So happy we found it!” – Daniel J.