Realistic 3D home rendering to entice your clients

3d renderings
  • 3D exterior home rendering, with night and day views
  • 3D interior home rendering, with customized home decorating
  • 3D axonometric perspective floor plans make your project more readable
  • Rapidly create full client presentations

Client presentations in a matter of minutes

Cedreo has designed a home decorating software for home design, renovation and decorating professionals, which is both easy and powerful. With Cedreo you can produce all documents needed for high-quality client presentations in a matter of minutes.

Realistic 3D rendering is essential for your client meetings. Allowing you to quickly handle all your clients’ questions, give them the tools they need to picture themselves in their future homes and make decisions, to sell faster.

Your clients can instantly see themselves in their new homes, in 3D

Master bedroom 3D rendering

Win over your clients... faster!

Your clients want to make changes during your meeting? A larger master bedroom, bathroom is too small, too many partitions… With Cedreo’s 3D rendering, the client can instantly see themselves in the home as if they were already there.
3D rendering master bedroom with wooden beams

Make changes in just a few minutes

Quickly make changes in front of your clients’ eyes, and generate a new 3D rendering to show the latest changes to their project. Don’t give your competitors the opportunity: with Cedreo, you can integrate your clients’ requests and present them a tailor-made solution, all the same day.

Realistic 3D home rendering, with night and day views

3D exterior rendering day view

Create 3D exterior rendering

The outside of the home is an essential aspect to help convince your clients. 3D daytime projections give them the tools to visualize the global design of their new home, the esthetics of the materials used, and potential of their outside spaces with a 3D landscaping adapted for them.
3D exterior rendering by night

... and watch the sunset, giving them a completely different perspective

With 3D rendering, sunsets give a new understanding of their future home, including external lighting adapted to showcase their terrasse, driveway, or pool. Stand-out from your competition by giving your clients night time renderings and give your clients a new appreciation of how light will interplay with key aspects of their homes.

3D interior rendering: Essential for winning-over your clients

Give your clients a completely immersive experience, with the integration of 3D interior rendering of the main areas of the home in their client presentation. Decorating kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms to match your clients’ tastes during your first meeting
Interior 3D rendering living room

Easy and realistics 3D rendering with Cedreo

Exterior rendering light and shadow

Intuitive sunlight management feature

Control the orientation of sunlight easily and move it into place to get the desired lighting effects, whether day or night.
Exterior rendering viewing perspective

Quickly choose your viewing perspective

Position yourself in your project and in 3D, to find the best viewing perspective of your 3D interior and exterior rendering.
Axonometric projection 3D

Essential axonometric projections

Help your client picture themselves, show-off their home’s potential and see the size of the rooms. The 3D floor plan is an essential tool for your client presentations.
Renderings in few minutes

3D renderings, ready in minutes

Just a click will give you realistic 3D rendering of your client’s preliminary home designs. It only takes a few moments to create your visuals.
3D home rendering kitchen

Save and download your 3D renderings

Load your previously saved 3D renderings from your online Cedreo account, then you are ready to download them and insert them in your documents.
3D rendering bathroom

2 formats for your 3D rendering

Create your 3D rendering in a format adapted for your needs. For your website or for your presentation, and documents printed in large formats.

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