The floor plan software to draw in 2D
and get instant 3D visualization

2D home floor plan
  • Easy 2D home floor plans
  • Realistic 3D floor plans
  • Save time by importing floor plans
  • Tools to help present your floor plans to your clients
  • Automatic roofing in one click

Design intuitively, no 3D skills needed!

With Cedreo, design a 3D home floor plan from start to finish in a matter of minutes.

Tailor-made or from a previous project to help you save time, plotting and customization of home floor plans with Cedreo is intuitive and accessible even without a technical background. Draw the 3D home floor plan with ease with all the functionality that you need to save time.

design a 3D home floor plan
3d floor plan Cedreo software

From 2D floor plans to 3D visualizations

Is your client finding it difficult to picture the layout and size of their future home? Cedreo’s solution: 3D home floor plans and axonometric projections.

Go from 2D floor plans to 3D views of the fully-furnished home in one click. 3D floor plans help clients gain a precise understanding of their project. 3D fully-furnished rooms give clients a realistic appreciation and convince them of the final results so they can remove any doubts.

Add roofing in one click

Mono-pitched, multi-pitched, flat, ridges, dormers, gutters, downpipes, etc… Add roofing in a few simple clicks, adjustable and customizable.
adjustable roofing
3d home projects in one place

Your contacts and projects in one place

Easily save and load each version of your home floor plans, sorted by client, thanks to the built-in project manager and search functions.

Share your home floor plans

All your floor plans are stored in one place and can be shared with your team. It allows you to create 3D home floor plan templates in your online Cedreo account, which can be modified and customized for your clients.

Shared home floor plans

Time-saving features for home building and remodeling professionals

Simple floor plan drawing

Fast drawing thanks to magnetic walls, automatic orientation, angle displays between partitions, dummy partitions to create open spaces with different flooring.

Customized openings

More than 540 models for bays, windows, doors and skylights, 100% customizable. You can also add complex opening shapes to your design, including round and polygon.

Import floor plans

Already have a dimensioned plan? With Cedreo, import them into your 3D home floor plan project, resize them to scale, and use them to trace your floor plan.

Downloadable allocation of finished floor space

Cedreo’s software includes an automatic floor space calculation tool for 3D home floor plans. The floor space for each room is displayed in a table, ready to show to your client.

Help explain your floor plans

Make it clear, with customizable descriptions, color code different living spaces, classify the walls (insulated exterior, damp proof partition, etc…), name each room, and insert symbols

Options by room

Edit each room with intuitive features by level, manage sub-ceiling heights, create suspended ceilings, ad beams in one click.

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