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Site plans are an essential piece of the puzzle for architects, home builders, designers and remodelers who want to close more deals and bring in more revenue. But the old way of creating plot plans is too slow and too involved to be scalable with any kind of business growth. Fortunately, the modern age has brought with it a modern solution: site plan software. Cedreo is the leading software that helps professionals create site plans.

2D Site Plans

The 2D version of your site plan may be flat, but it brings an unbelievable amount of detail to the table when you are presenting it to your clients. Because the 2D version can only include so much visual information in two dimensions, it by definition strips away some of the more distracting parts and communicates essential information about the floor plans quickly and accurately. Cedreo allows you to create site plans in 2D with total area calculations and dozens of other pieces of information in minutes — not days.

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2D site plan generated with Cedreo

3D Site Plans

When you take your 2D site plans to the next level and make it 3D, it comes to life. That’s only nearly an exaggeration — what was once a flat shape on the page is now a home filled with decorations and furniture. It’s something the viewer can really see themselves in. With Cedreo, your 3D site plan generates automatically in a separate window as you design in 2D. You can make changes in either window and see them reflected in the other.

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3D site plan designed with Cedreo

Photorealistic Designs

Most high-quality site plan apps stop at 3D, but Cedreo takes it to another level with photorealistic renderings. A few simple clicks begins the rendering process, and within minutes, you will have a fully tourable, adjustable and stunningly high-definition photorealistic rendering to show off to clients and colleagues.

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Front of a US ranch designed in 3D

Unrivaled Support for Architects and Builders

Enterprise and Pro Cedreo users get a dedicated account manager and a one-on-one training session to make sure you can take full advantage of every feature.

“Cedreo and the support staff have been very helpful and responsive to all of my questions.” – Courtney S.

UI shot customer support

Complete Site Plans Lightning-Fast

With Cedreo, home builders and architects can create highly detailed site plans in two hours or less. Compare that to days or weeks with traditional site plan creation methods.

“Cedreo is a great piece of software for rapid 3d visualisations. Love its HD renderings and ability to reuse existing buildings and adapt in a swift way.” – Sebastjan S.

site plan UI Shot

Huge Object Library for Detailed Site Planning

Cedreo comes packed with a huge library of 7,000 customizable 3D objects, including furniture, decorations and surface coverings, to bring floor plans to life.

”Precise and intuitive controls, with easy 3-D object placement. The wide variety of materials, floor coverings and outside items for renderings is comprehensive.” – Natalia R.

Screenshot of the furnishing step in Cedreo

Simple and Effective Site Plan Software

Cedreo was designed with user-friendliness at the top of our list of concerns. That’s why we have the simplest user interface that packs the most intuitive features to create the best site plan software.

“Cedreo is a very user-friendly platform with exceptional features. Minimalist layout and not overly complicated and with minimal training, we have experienced a smooth transition …” – Sheree R.

UIshot Cedreo exterior step

A Complete Toolkit for Professional Site Plan Layouts

Cedreo is your fully stocked toolbox for creating complete site plans in minutes. The software comes with loads of features to speed up the architectural drawing process and improve design quality so your business puts out nothing but the best in quality and client satisfaction.

Import Floor Plans icon

Import Site Plans

Import an existing site plan in a variety of formats so you can pick up where you left off in a flash.

Draw in 2D & View in 3D icon

Draw in 2D & View in 3D

Create a site plan in 2D with quick drawing tools and watch it come to life in stunning 3D in a separate window.


Draw & Print to Scale

Easily draw site plans to scale and print with the utmost to-scale precision every time.

Furniture icon

Access a Library of 3D Objects

Choose from more than 7,000 customizable 3D objects to bring your floor plans to life.

resize floor plan icon - Cedreo

Resize Site Plan Layouts

Resize the entire site plan with a couple of clicks — no need to start from scratch with your site plan design software when small details change.

Share projects icon - Cedreo

Share Site Plan Designs

Export plot plans with ease and in multiple file formats to share with clients and colleagues. Get feedback instantly and make changes quickly.

Include Easements icon

Include Easements

Make the site plan real-to-life and applicable in construction drawings by including everything down to the last detail, including easements in an easy-to-see and understand format.

Customize Interior & Exterior Surface Coverings icon

Apply Surface Coverings

With two clicks, apply surface coverings to roofs, floors, walls, decks, patios, porches, swimming pool areas and outdoor areas. Cedreo’s site plan software is packed with pre-made, gorgeous surface coverings that turn clients’ heads.

Add Dimensions icon

Add Dimensions

Add dimensions in a quick and simple table to the side of your site plans, and include them directly on key elements within the site plan to make sure every viewer can fully picture the finished product.

Draw Any Type of Site Plan With Ease

No type of site plan is out of reach when you use Cedreo’s site planning software. Create 2D, 3D, rendered and multi-structure site plans within minutes.

2D site plan generated with Cedreo

2D site plan

3D site plan designed with Cedreo

3D site plan

Rendered site plan designed with Cedreo

Rendered site plan

3D site plan with pool designed with Cedreo

3D site plan with pool

2D site plan with landscaping generated with Cedreo

2D site plan with landscaping

3D site plan with all structures generated with Cedreo

3D site plan with all structures

2D site plan with multiple structures generated with Cedreo

2D site plan with multiple structures

Residential site plan example

3D site plan with multiple structures

3D tiny house site plan designed with Cedreo

3D tiny house site plan

Ready to get started creating a Site Plan?

A site plan is a critical first step before diving head first into a new build or remodeling project. We have a step by step guide on how to create your first site plan with ease and get your project rolling.

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“Very good product at a very good price”

Easy to learn, fast to use. I like the combination of 2D and 3D views and the ease of switching between the two.

Tom S., Realtor
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“Useful for real estate marketing”

Cedreo allows you to quickly mock up a whole scheme in just a couple of hours which really saves so much time!

Maria T., Senior Marketing Specialist / Real Estate

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