Taking Care of our Whole Ecosystem

The best companies are not just the best companies in the world, but the best companies for the world.
At Cedreo, we believe that a company can only do well in a world that is also doing well. A healthy ecosystem leads to healthy business growth, therefore taking care of it is part of our core values .
Even more, a lot of studies show that companies that outperform economically and financially have a strong and ambitious CSR policy. So, there’s really no reason not to make building better living environments a priority.

A team story

Each year employees are given 6 days to focus on positive impact initiatives, including awareness workshops about the environment. The entire team is involved in our CSR approach in their own way, and we’re glad that it’s something everyone values.

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A strategic goal

Each year we have a strategic goal related to CSR and we manage it just like our other business activities. We determine a vision, set up goals, and define an action plan. We have created a Positive Impact Committee to track our progress and synchronize actions.

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B Corp certification and mission-driven company

Cedreo is B Corp certified. This high standards certification has helped us structure our CSR approach and widen our range of impact. In 2022, Cedreo became a mission-driven company. Empowering people to build better environments is the guiding principle behind our strategic choices.
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B Corp audit 2020

- 11%

Carbon emissions reductions objective per year


Middle school interns welcomed in 2021

And concretely?

We implement concrete actions in the 5 CSR pillars: environment, community, workers, clients, and governance. Here are just a few actions that we are particularly proud of:
Environment illustration


- Calculation of our carbon footprint and action plan to reduce our CO2 emissions

- Measurement of our waste production and reduction action plan

- 0 plastic in the offices (purchase of reusable water bottles for employees)

- Green electricity supplier

- …

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- Partnership with the local middle school

- Internships

- Donations to local social integration associations

- Skills sponsorship

- Best CSR practices sharing and dissemination

- …

Workers illustration


- Remote work flexibility since 2018

- Advantageous vacation package

- Generous health insurance

- Onboarding process for new employees

- Measurements of well-being at work

- Maternity/Paternity leave for both parents

- …

Customers illustration


- Measurement of customer satisfaction with the NPS

- Integration of customers in our product design and prioritization phases

- Measurement and limitation of dependence on large customers

- …


- Involvement of the entire team in the business strategy

- Integration of social or environmental objectives in individual interviews with managers

- CSR strategic objectives and involvement of the entire team

- CSR training for new employees

- …

Does this sound like you?

The more our values sound like you and describe the people you want to work with, the more likely you will thrive at Cedreo.