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Landscape design has never been easier. Use Cedreo 3D landscape design software to streamline the entire planning process and get your clients excited about their project. With an extensive library of plants, materials, and other products, you can create custom landscape designs faster than ever.

Start closing more deals without having to worry about outsourcing design work or learning complicated programs. See how the Cedreo landscape designer can start saving you time and money today.

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2D Landscape Layouts

2D Landscape Layouts

An accurate 2D layout is the foundation of any outdoor landscaping project, and Cedreo enables users to define accurate property boundaries and building dimensions in just a few clicks.

Once your 2D floor plan is complete, simply import a terrain layer and define the property limits. With Cedreo’s continuous drawing mode, you can quickly draw areas around the house, including driveways, decks, patios, and lawns. Cedreo will display up-to-date measurements and surface area calculations as you draw.

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Landscape 2D floor plan designed with Cedreo

3D Landscape Designs

3D Landscape Designs

2D landscape designs can be especially difficult to visualize. Cedreo makes it easy to bring any outdoor space to life with 3D designs that automatically update as changes are made in 2D.

As you view the 3D designs, drag and drop surface covering materials to each of the exterior elements like driveways, patios, and decks. Complete your design and add natural 3D elements like plants, trees, and shrubs. Create a personalized design based on your client’s tastes with exterior lighting, patio furniture, and other popular landscaping features.

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Landscape 3D floor plan designed with Cedreo

Photorealistic Renderings

Photorealistic Renderings

In just 5 minutes, the landscape designer allows the user to create 3D renderings that give clients a realistic preview of the finished project.

Customize the exterior lighting and camera perspective, and show clients how their outdoor living space is complete with furniture and other design elements.

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3D rendering of a landscape designed with Cedreo

Watch 2D Landscape Layouts Instantly Become Stunning 3D Designs

UI shot exterior step with instantly 3D view
There’s no need to wait or switch windows to see a 3D version of your design. Make any change to your 2D drawing and the 3D drawing window gets updated in real time. It’s never been easier to instantly visualize the final product as you work on the plans.

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“We can design almost anything.
That’s ultimately why we chose Cedreo.
Using the 3D renderings most certainly helps in selling the project.”

Sheree Ramm.

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“Having this ability to do this in-house cuts down on the time
where we can present designs. And obviously it is cheaper.
For us, it was a huge win to find Cedreo. ”

Rob Zerrenner.

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3D Landscape Design Software for Any Outdoor Area

From designing simple garden features to lavish hardscape outdoor living spaces, Cedreo makes it possible. Our Professional landscape design software is easy to use and comes with a virtually limitless combination of materials and furnishings.

Users aren’t limited to adding a few plants and trees. Its features let you create custom deck designs, exquisite garden displays, retaining walls, firepits, and more! See some examples of real exterior landscape designs created with Cedreo.

2D landscape layout
2D landscape layout
3D backyard design
3D backyard design
3D garden design
3D garden design
3D design with pool
3D design with pool
3D design with play equipment
3D design with play equipment
3D design with barbecue
3D design with firepit
3D paver patio design
3D paver patio design
3D design with retaining wall
3D design with retaining wall
3D layout with wooden deck
3D layout with wooden deck
3D design with plants and flowers
3D design with plants and flowers

A Complete Toolkit for Faster Landscape Designs

Cedreo provides the tools to create realistic landscape designs without needing a professional design background.
Materials icon

Select From 3,500 Customizable Exterior Surface Coverings

Create custom designs according to your clients’ tastes and needs. Add outdoor tiles, pavers, gravel, stone, brick, and more. Create landscapes that match virtually any architectural style.

Exterior furnishings icon

Choose From a Catalogue of 3D Furnishings

Bring the plans to life with thousands of customizable furnishings and exterior design features. Choose from a wide range of shrubs, trees, potted plants, flowers, and more. Help clients get a realistic view of their future backyard by adding garden furniture, sheds, BBQs, swing sets, and other outdoor objects.

light icon

Customize Lighting Displays

Exterior lighting can make landscape designs stand out. In Cedreo, you can quickly add exterior lighting around a property and see how the projects will look with photorealistic daylight or sunset renderings.

2D & 3D icon

Draw in 2D & Visualize in 3D

There’s no need to stop what you’re doing and open a new window. The side-by-side 2D and 3D windows available in the landscape designer streamline your workflow and provide a more intuitive design process.

Pack icon

Design Faster With Grouped Product Packs

Save loads of time with groups of furnishings, decorative objects, landscaping elements, flower beds, furniture sets, and more! Drag and drop the premade product packs to finish a landscape design in just a few clicks.

sun icon

Set the Sun Orientation

Get accurate natural lighting effects based on the orientation of the property. Users can also manually adjust the sun’s height in the sky and receive a real view of both the shadows and lighting the patio will get throughout the year.

How to Design and Visualize Professional Landscapes With Cedreo

Cedreo is designed to make your job easier. Simply open the app and follow these steps to create your next stunning landscape design.

1. Draw Exterior Boundaries

If you already have an existing house design in Cedreo, just add a terrain layer, draw the property’s boundaries, and then rotate the terrain layer to get the correct orientation. If you don’t have an existing house design in Cedreo, simply upload a drawing and trace over it or start a new drawing from scratch.
UI shot Exterior step

2. Modify Landscape Terrain

Most homes aren’t on flat ground. Fortunately, in Cedreo you can create sloped terrain where needed. Then add decks, grass, and driveways that follow the terrain.
UI shot exterior step sloped terrain

3. Customize Surface Layers

Users can choose from a wide variety of surface materials - stone, gravel, brick, concrete, pavers, wood etc - that can be added to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
UI shot materials step

4. Decorate and Furnish

Show clients their dream landscape design just as it will look in the real world. Choose from a catalogue with thousands of 3D objects, from children’s toys and lawn furniture to inground pools and towering trees.
UI shot furnishings step

5. Alter Light Settings

The tool allows you to choose from several different light settings to see how your client’s property will look at different times of the day. Choose daytime lighting so clients can see each feature in more detail. And for a more intimate look that shows the landscape with the exterior lighting, choose the sunset visualization.
UI shot furnishing step

6. Generate a Photorealistic Designs

Providing your clients with a lifelike photo-realistic rendering of their landscape design is key to closing the deal. Once designs are finished, choose the views you want to capture in the 3D rendering. In 5 minutes or less, your rendering will be ready to impress your clients.
UI shot HD visual step

7. Share Design With Team and Clients

Do you have multiple users or designers on your team? Cedreo’s professional landscape design software is built for team collaboration. Enterprise users will be able to share designs with other internal and external team members, who can then access and edit them online.

When it’s time to present designs to clients, download the renderings from the project gallery. You can also export the plans in JPG and PDF formats. If your team needs prints during the project, export the plans in PDF so you can print them to scale.

UI shot project manager

Create Professional Proposals That Convert

Don’t waste any more time with substandard apps or complicated CAD programs. Cedreo provides everything you need to start closing more deals with stunning landscape design proposals. Clients will love seeing the combination of professional blueprints and photorealistic renderings that help them envision the finished project. Are you ready to start landing more clients with the best landscape design software?

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