Empowering People
to Build Better Environments

We make simple solutions from complex ideas
to give our clients, employees, and partners more autonomy to achieve their goals.

“Empowering people to build better environments” is the mission statement enshrined in Cedreo’s statutes since 2022. This mission is accompanied by ambitious and realistic commitments that impact our entire ecosystem. We make this happen by always challenging ourselves to be better, sharing our knowledge, and working with a sense of authenticity, social responsibility and teamwork which is the foundation of our company.

As a result, it gives us immense pride to empower our stakeholders, make their work more enjoyable, and save them valuable time for the more important things in life.

Who we are

Cedreo is a SaaS editor providing 3D-selling solutions to housing professionals. The company is growing quickly, in a sustainable way, with a team made up of passionate people based in Atlanta (USA), Nantes (France) and Munich (Germany).

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who we are
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How we work

We believe in the promoter flywheel: we think that by taking care of our team, our team will take care of our customers, who will give positive feedback to the team.

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B Corp certification and mission-driven company

Cedreo is B Corp certified. This high standards certification has helped us structure our CSR approach and widen our range of impact. In 2022, Cedreo became a mission-driven company. Empowering people to build better environments is the guiding principle behind our strategic choices.

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B Corp certification and mission-driven company

Our Core Values

These principles guide our decision-making and sense of what’s important and what’s right.

Challenge ourselves to achieve wonders

Challenge ourselves to achieve wonders

At Cedreo, we don’t fear challenges. Every day they help us become even better. New ideas and initiatives are fully encouraged. We’re proud of collective success but we’re also responsible for our failures and continuously learn from them to get better every day.

Trust in each other to achieve more

Trust in each other to achieve more

We are a team, not a family and like a sports team, we know that building trust with others allows us to achieve more. At Cedreo, we can speak freely and disagree openly. And to do so, transparency and collaborative work are part of our day to day. We are individually responsible, but mutual trust makes us move forward faster.

positive impact

Be aware and have a positive impact

Growing quickly doesn’t mean it can’t happen sustainably. Cedreo’s logo is the cedar tree which can’t grow without its ecosystem. Taking care of the environment we all share is a priority to Cedreo as we continue to grow. It is a driving force behind our vision and daily work.

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Have fun, Seriously

Have fun, Seriously

Work is a big part of our lives so why should it be a burden? At Cedreo, we always find new ways to get to know each other better. We practice humour with the respect of others limits, and let each person express themselves so that everyone has a good time at work.

Does this sound like you?

The more our values resonate with you and describe the people you want to work with, the more likely you will thrive at Cedreo.