Making the Daily Work efficient and enjoyable

Work is a big part of our lives, so why should it be a burden?

Our Culture

Our mission is to empower our team and stakeholders to make their work more enjoyable and save them valuable time for the more important things in life.

We are obsessed with efficiency and time-savings. We think that doing great things does not have to take a huge amount of resources if people love what they do and do it in a pleasant and challenging work environment. That’s why we take care of our people and of our environment. At Cedreo, we think that we work to live, but we don’t live to work.

In short, we trust in the simple Promoter Flywheel: if we take care of our team, our team will take care of our customers, who will give us positive feedback. The care we show one another in the workplace is reflected in the interactions with the customers and partners and that’s also how we aim to build a world-class product.

Taking care

Taking care of others only works if we start by taking care of ourselves. At Cedreo, kindness and goodwill does not exclude idea confrontation. On the contrary, we are encouraged to openly disagree.

To continuously improve the way we communicate with each other, all employees are trained in nonviolent communication or the enneagram, for example.

2 Tons workshop
Seminar in Berlin

Building a more collaborative strategy

The short, mid and long-term strategies are a matter of the whole team. Anyone within the company is free to collaborate on strategic and transversal topics and contribute with their skills, expertise, and goodwill. That’s one of the ways to empower our collaborators.

Be serious without taking yourself too seriously

Since we spend a lot of time together at work we make sure it’s enjoyable. That’s why our seminars are always epic. We also take great pleasure in celebrating our collective victories, birthdays, work anniversaries and the birth of new children.

Team Christmas activity

And concretely?

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An efficient loop to get continuous feedback

We think that a supporting growth goes hand in hand with a feedback loop. It starts from the 1st day thanks to our mentorship program and it continues with an anonymous survey every month. All the managers are trained in management and have regular 1:1 with their collaborators.

Mini Big Forest

Think globally

We think that while working at Cedreo, we can not only have a business impact but we can also have an impact on our environment. We believe that we have to take care of our ecosystem to keep growing and to do so, we have structured our CSR actions with a team of volunteer teammates.

After becoming a B certified Corp in 2020, Cedreo became a mission-driven company in 2022 and has set its long term commitments.

Learn more about CSR at Cedreo
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Always improve and progress

We are committed to the Lean philosophy and we continue to think about how we can improve. Agile methods, applied by every department at Cedreo, help for continuous improvement, team-wise or on a personal level.

Does this Sound like you?

The more our values sound like you and describe the people you want to work with, the more likely you will thrive at Cedreo.