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Speed Up the Conceptual Design Phase

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Log In and Start Working!

Cedreo is easy-to-use and intuitive, so you can get started right away. We have a library of short tutorial videos , and our customer success team is available by email, chat, or phone.
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Adapt Your Designs On The Go

Cedreo is 100% cloud-based, so you can make changes on the fly during client meetings.

Adapt your proposal according to your clients needs, from small details to major changes: floor covering, textures, wall colors, furniture style… Generate the 3D rendering in a few minutes and get their decision, on site.

Create Photorealistic Interior 3D Renderings

Cedreo provides the most realistic interior 3D renderings to help you communicate your vision to your client.

  • Show clients 3D floor plans from multiple angles.
  • Quickly update your design based on client feedback.
  • Adjust colors, materials, and furniture with just a few clicks.

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A Better Way to Design

Cedreo has all the tools interior designers need to create a complete proposal — no CAD software or extensions required! Create, edit, and store all of your projects in our cloud-based platform.
cedreo 2D floor plan

2D Floor Plans With Symbols & Colors

Cedreo lets interior designers:

  • Draw and download 2D floor plans .
  • Include furniture symbols and colors for each room.
  • Include measurements and surface areas.

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cedreo 3D floor plan

3D Fully Furnished Floor Plans

With our floor plan software , you can:

  • Select from a wide range of furniture, home decor, and coverings.
  • Customize colors of products and materials.
  • Choose themed furnishings or individual pieces.

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cedreo master bedroom rendering

Photorealistic 3D Renderings

Add the final touches to your 3D renderings by:

  • Making multiple views of the same room from different perspectives.
  • Changing the orientation of the sun in daytime views.
  • Creating a nighttime view to showcase lighting.

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Bring Your Vision to Life With Our Ever Growing 3D Library

  • Select from 7,000+ pieces of furniture, decor, and materials to customize the interior and exterior home design .
  • Access new items added every month.
  • Ask your dedicated success manager to create items your clients want to see in your design.

cedreo kitchen rendering

Read What our Happy Customers Say About Cedreo

Avatar man

"Cedreo's library of furniture, decor and covers is constantly growing. If something is missing that I need I let my CS Manager know and they work on creating it."

Josh T., Home Builder

Avatar woman

"My experience has been great with Cedreo and learning the software was very easy. I designed my first house fully furnished within a week even with no prior knowledge of how to use the software."

Jacqueline M., Designer

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