Commercial Floor Plans

Learn how to create stunning 2D and 3D commercial floor plans in minutes.

Draw Commercial Plans in Minutes

Commercial floor plan software can shorten the timeline for commercial building plan development from days to minutes. With a simple, agile, cloud-based software, you can create detailed 2D floor plans and 3D renderings in less than two hours.
UI shot of a commercial plan designed with Cedreo

Bring Your Commercial Floor Plans to Life

With the right software, you can easily convert your creative concepts into commercial building plans that clients can see and understand.
Commercial 2D floor plan designed with Cedreo

Draw 2D Commercial Floor Plans

A 2D commercial floor plan begins to tell the story of how you’ll fulfill the client’s expectations. A flat representation of the plan, the 2D visualization’s strength is in its ability to show exact measurements of interior walls and spaces. However, the story the 2D floor plan presents is incomplete, which is why you need a 3D visual alongside it.

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Visualize Commercial Floor Plans in 3D

3D floor plans enhance the story you’re hoping to communicate. With furniture, decor, windows, and doors, a 3D floor plan shows the client see how your whole concept will come together.

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Commercial 3D floor plan designed with Cedreo
3D rendering of a decoration store designed with Cedreo

Generate Photorealistic Renderings

Elevate your 3D commercial floor plan to the next level by generating photorealistic 3D renderings that allow you to take clients on a guided tour of the commercial space. An on-the-ground, virtual view of the space or building is the exciting wrap-up to the story you’ve been building for your clients.

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Commercial Floor Plan Examples

Small commercial building plans
Small commercial building plans
Isometric 3D commercial floor plan
Isometric 3D commercial floor plan
Retail building floor plans
Retail building floor plans
Real estate office layout
Real estate office layout
Colored commercial floor plan
Colored commercial floor plan
Industrial floor plan
Industrial floor plan

You Don’t Need a CAD Background to Draw Commercial Floor Plans

Using CAD software to design commercial floor plans is not easy. It takes days or weeks to design one simple floor plan , even if you already have CAD experience. Drawing commercial floor plans doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Unlike CAD software, Cedreo is easy to use and allows users to quickly create beautiful commercial floor plans.

1. Draw or Import Your Floor Plan

Using our 100% cloud-based commercial floor plan software, you can either import your existing project or start from scratch. You can even import and draw over an existing plan. Add or remove dimensions, add symbols, and color-code zones for identification. When the basic design is complete, choose and add your roof type.
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2. Furnish Your Floor Plan

Choose from a suite of 3,000+ customizable 3D furnishings to add realistic interior design touches to every room, from offices to boardrooms to bathrooms. Select an atmosphere — like “Nordic” or “modern luxury” — to access coordinated furnishing options. Customize your floors and walls to project the vibe you want your client to see and feel in the commercial space. After furnishing, add people, to show how workers might use and move through the space.
UI shot Cedreo Furnish Your Floor Plan

3. Instantly Render Your Floor Plan

As you work in 2D, the software will automatically generate 3D renderings of each new touch you add. Do in minutes what often takes days, and save big on outsourcing to a 3D design firm. Choose the viewer angle and eye height, the orientation of the sun, and the time of day to suit the needs of your project.
UI shot Cedreo app Instantly Render Your Floor Plan

4. Create a Photorealistic Visualization

With one click, render your new commercial floor plan to bring all of the details to life. The software generates a photorealistic representation that showcases every aspect of your commercial building plan. Save every version you render in a project gallery to showcase multiple angles and moods for the project.
UI shot Cedreo app Create a Photorealistic Visualization

5. Export and Share Your Floor Plan

Ready for feedback from your team or the client? You can save and export your 3D business floor plan project to share with members of your organization and outside clients. Use the presentation tool to give guided tours of the commercial floor plan, and save your design for future revisions and as a time-saving springboard for future floor plan projects. Users can download floor plans or view them directly in the project space.
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6 Commercial Floor Plan Considerations

When you are creating a commercial building floor plan, you want to offer the client a layout so enticing that they simply cannot say no. Understandably, your creative energy is spent on the overall shape of the building and its rooms. But don’t forget these essential commercial floor plan considerations as you design your next project.

Ensure Sufficient Space

In offices and other commercial spaces, having sufficient space is key to productivity and everyday usability. Plan extra spaces for bulky office items like commercial printers and servers, and ensure that building users can easily navigate from workspaces to break rooms and boardrooms to bathrooms.

Utilize Multi-purpose Space

Think about the types of businesses that might want to use this commercial space. Would multipurpose rooms and spaces work well for them? Combining areas to create multipurpose space in your commercial building plan can cut down on wasted floorspace and unnecessary interior walls and dividers.

Plan the Flow of Traffic

Planning the flow of traffic in commercial building blueprints goes beyond fire safety exits and office clusters. Consider how people working inside the building will move from area to area. Is the trek from the corner office to the conference room too long? Will your current plan have people crossing the open office area and creating unwanted noise and distractions for workers?

Factor in Storage Needs

Basements are often used as storage spaces, even when their primary function is something else. Ensure that your design facilitates all of the storage your client needs by considering the rest of the storage space available in the home, and whether or not the basement’s own mode of use will require any storage accommodations.

Provide Office Amenities

Amenities can mean the difference between a decent commercial floor plan and a great one. Dining areas, rec rooms, fitness centers, and comfortable collaborative spaces are key considerations for many modern companies.

Consider Lighting Needs

Picture the lighting inside the building throughout the workday. Plan sufficient windows to let in as much natural light as possible, but remember that workers need to be able to see on cloudy days and at night. And if going green is a priority for your commercial building floor plan, pay attention to which light fixtures you choose.

Add Plenty of Outlets

Day-to-day operations require the use of the internet and a variety of electronic devices. Make sure your floor plan reflects that. How many computers, printers, phone chargers, and copiers will need to be plugged in — and where? A good rule of thumb is to add more outlets than you think is truly necessary.

Create Stunning 2D and 3D Commercial Floor Plans Online… in Minutes

With the right commercial floor plan software , creating a head-turning commercial space doesn’t have to take weeks or months. In just a few minutes, you can generate 2D, 3D, and photorealistic tourable floor plans that put your ideas and skills into focus.

Thousands of homebuilders , remodelers , and interior designers use Cedreo to bring their commercial floor plans to life. With Cedreo, you don’t need to be a skilled designer to create professional commercial layouts.

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