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Cedreo 3D architectural floor plan

Cedreo Provides Everything Your Clients Need to See on a 3D Architectural Floor Plan

A 3D allows your clients to see the structure of a house and includes all the layout details such as the home structure, doors, windows, floor coverings and wall colors but also the furniture and decoration.

Thanks to stunning 3D floor plan top views, the prospective home buyer gets a better understanding of the overall project.

Why do You Need 3D Floor Plans?

As a housing professional, you will use it to share the big picture of a home design project with home buyers before the house is built or renovated. A 3D floor plan helps you bring your home design project to life and close your deals faster.

  • Communicate your vision to your clients
  • Help your clients envision the size of each room and available spaces of the fully-furnished project
  • Avoid misunderstandings concerning the layout and overall style of the house

3D house floor plans are ideal for home builders , remodelers and interior designers .

3D house floor plan Cedreo
3D house floor plan Cedreo

Personalize Your 3D Floor Plan Easily

Once drawn in 2D , you can visualize the floor plan in 3D in just 1 click.

You can personalize and customize the style of the home to get sign off from your prospective clients and move forward to closing.

An extensive range of covering materials, textures and colors, as well as furniture and decoration are available to adapt your proposal to each client.

With a 3D Floor Plan, You Can Show:

  • Walls, partitions, windows and doors
  • Furnished and unfurnished rooms
  • Multiple floor coverings for each room in a realistic way
  • Interior and exterior layout
  • A variety of views of the house (by rotating the floor plan)
Cedreo 3D floor plan

Irresistible Floor Plan 3D Renderings that Close Deals

house 3D floor plan with exterior Cedreo

3D Floor Plan Top View with Exterior Details

You can give a complete overview of the project including the exterior layout. It allows the clients to understand the entire project and see the house location.
Top view floor plan Cedreo

3D Floor Plan Top View Without Background

This view allows you to focus on the layout of the house. The top view 3D floor plan can be fully-furnished and decorated, or you can decide to present an unfurnished floor plan.
Isometric 3D floor plan Cedreo

Isometric 3D Floor Plan

Position the camera to get an isometric view to see the wall colors, windows and doors. It is ideal to help the clients visualize the space available. With the full HD 3D renderings, you can zoom in on specific areas

From Architectural 3D Floor Plan to Home 3D Renderings

Cedreo is not only a 3D floor plan creator, it allows you to generate photorealistic 3D renderings for the exterior and for the main rooms of a house to give a real sense of the project before it is built.

You will be able to sell faster. The 3D home design deliverables you create with Cedreo will definitely allow you to build trust and close deals efficiently and effectively.

House 3D rendering Cedreo

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