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Cedreo 3D architectural floor plan

Cedreo Provides Everything You Need to Create 3D Architectural Floor Plans

With 3D floor plans, you can show your clients every detail — traffic flow, doors, windows, floor coverings, wall colors, furniture, decor, and more.

3D floor plan top views help clients see how each room connects with others and how much floor space they’ll have once their furniture is in place.

Why Do You Need 3D Floor Plans?

You can use 3D floor plans to share the “big picture” with clients, as well as the details that make your design unique. A 3D floor plan helps you bring your home design project to life and close your deals faster.

  • Communicate your vision to your clients
  • Help your clients envision how each room will look when complete
  • Avoid misunderstandings about the layout and overall style of the house

3D house floor plans help home builders , remodelers , and interior designers reduce the number of revisions and shorten the approval process.

3D house floor plan Cedreo
3D house floor plan Cedreo

Personalize Your 3D Floor Plan Easily

You can visualize the project in 3D while you draw your 2D floor plan to make the drawing phase even easier.

Personalize and customize the style of the home covering materials, textures, and colors, as well as furniture and decor .

With a 3D Floor Plan, You Can Show:

  • Walls, partitions, windows, and doors
  • Furnished and unfurnished rooms
  • Multiple realistic floor coverings for each room
  • Interior and exterior layout
  • A variety of views of the house (by rotating the floor plan)
Cedreo 3D floor plan

Irresistible Floor Plan 3D Renderings that Close Deals

With Cedreo, it’s easy to create multiple views of your 3D floor plans. In less than 5 minutes, you can generate professional 3D floor plans that convey your vision to your clients and help them understand what their space will look like.
house 3D floor plan with exterior Cedreo

3D Floor Plan Top View With Exterior Details

Show your clients an overhead view that includes the lawn, patio, and outdoor landscaping.
Top view floor plan Cedreo

3D Floor Plan Top View Without Background

This view allows you to focus on the layout of the house. The top view of your 3D floor plan can be fully furnished and decorated, or unfurnished.
Isometric 3D floor plan Cedreo

Isometric 3D Floor Plan

Choose the isometric view to see the wall colors, windows, and doors, and zoom in on specific areas to view details and textures.

From Architectural 3D Floor Plan to Home 3D Renderings

Cedreo is a 3D floor plan creator that also allows you to generate photorealistic 3D renderings of interiors and exteriors. 3D renderings will help you accelerate the client approval process and close more deals.
House 3D rendering Cedreo

Practical Features to Improve Your 3D Floor Plan Designs

Draw the floor plan in 2D and simultaneously view the 3D floor plan. Add furniture and decor, then — with a single click — generate your 3D floor plan rendering.

Access your 3D Floor Plans Online

Cedreo is 100% online, so you can change your design from wherever you are. All you need is a laptop and internet connection.


Select the Best Angle

With a click of the mouse, you can rotate your home design to show multiple perspectives.


Zoom In or Out

You can create views to show the complete floor plan or zoom in to show specific rooms and details.


Save Viewpoints

Once you have positioned the camera, you can save the viewpoint and access it later and generate another rendering with the exact same perspective.


Create a 3D Floor Plan Rendering in Minutes

Generate the 3D floor plan rendering with just one click, and see the progress of your rendering in real time.


Continue Working During Rendering Creation

You can carry on working on your project as Cedreo generates your 3D rendering.


Select a Format

Download your 3D view in one of two formats: HD (1280x720) or full HD (1920x1080).


Download the 3D Floor Plans Rendering

Once you’ve generated your 3D floor plan rendering, you can access it in your project gallery and download it as a JPG or PDF.