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Whether you are a home builder or a contractor, Cedreo 3D home building software
for conceptual designs helps you boost your new construction home sales and improve your bottom line.

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Close sales twice as fast

Red cladding house exterior 3d rendering made with Cedreo

Save Time On Conceptual Designs

  • Draw your floor plan in 2 hours
  • Add roofing in just a few clicks
  • Get instant realistic 3D views of your project

Cedreo seamlessly integrates into your conceptual design process. You'll need just 2 hours to design the entire home : create a floor plan , render it in 3D… and start selling your new construction home project. Cedreo is so simple to use and fast to render that you’ll be able to customize the home decoration on the fly directly in front of your clients. That means you move the project from initial design to sign-off quickly and efficiently - saving you countless hours of your precious time.

Out-of-the-box Simplicity

  • Conceived for Sales teams
  • Draw in 2D, view in 3D
  • Free support by phone, chat, and email

Cedreo was conceived and developed for home builders and remodelers regardless of 3D technical skills. It is intuitive and as easy-to-use as ABC. Switch from 2D to 3D in just one click. And if you need some help, our Customer Success team is here to assist you in any way they can.

Sunset house exterior 3D rendering made with Cedreo

Scale Your House Building Projects to Keep Up With Your Sales Team

  • Create unlimited number of new construction home projects
  • Share your projects instanty with your team
  • Create reusable project templates

Cedreo stores all your home design projects in one place. They're ready to be shared with your sales and design teams, duplicated as many times as you want, and customized according to your clients wishes.

Front house with deck 3D rendering made with Cedreo

Reduce Your Architectural Design Costs

  • Stop outsourcing conceptual designs
  • Reduce closing times
  • Limit the back-and-forths to align design and budget

Cedreo helps you to quickly get a conceptual home design approved by your clients, ready to submit to your architect or civil engineer.

Save time between the start of a project and final design and consider architect or engineering services only for validated new construction projects.

Contemporary house exterior 3d rendering made with Cedreo

Help Home Buyers Decide Faster

  • Improve communication with your clients
  • Offer them a better buying experience
  • Present your clients with projects that truly fit their expectations

Provide your clients with stunning 3D renderings to effectively communicate home building, remodeling or interior design project ideas. Offer them an interactive visual experience, and an immediate WoW effect. Quality 3D views positively influence the buyer’s decision, enabling for shorter buying cycles and faster sales.

Centralize Your Entire 2D and 3D Preliminary Design in One Simple-to-use Software

  • No need to export/import the 3D models into other programs to create renderings
  • One single program for preliminary designs and 3D renderings

Are you struggling to get different programs to talk to each other to complete your sales dossier? Cedreo includes everything you need for your pre-sale process, from 2D floor plan creation, 3D floor plan rendering, to full 3D project renderings for client presentations. It is all integrated for a seamless experience.

Master bedroom with beams 3d rendering made with Cedreo
Kitchen of new home construction 3d rendering made with with Cedreo

100% Online Cloud-based Software For Instant 3D Visualization

  • Leverage the power of cloud computing
  • Run Cedreo on your day-to-day laptop
  • Get photorealistic 3D renderings in minutes

Cedreo is an online home building software which means that 3D calculation is made remotely in the Cloud. Your day-to-day computer is a perfect fit to get a professional quality rendering in a few minutes.

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