Barndominium Floor Plans

Create 2D and 3D barndominium floor plans online and help clients visualize their dream home.

Draw Barndominium Floor Plans in Minutes

Ready to create stunning barndominium plans faster than ever? It’s possible with Cedreo. Thanks to its intuitive toolset and easy-to-use interface, a complete set of 2D and 3D plans are just a few minutes away.
UI shot of a barndominium house

Types of Barndominium Floor Plans

Impress potential clients with modern barndominium house plans. Here are 2 types of plans you can create with Cedreo to help you close deals faster.

2D Barndominium Floor Plans

2D Barndominium Floor Plans

2D barndominium blueprints show the floor plan from above. However, barndominiums usually have open floor plans which can make traditional 2D layouts difficult for clients to understand. Fortunately, Cedreo lets you create color-coded and labeled floor plans that show the space allotted for different living areas. And when you add furniture symbols , the plans are even easier to understand.

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2D floor plan of a barndominium house

3D Barndominium Floor Plans

3D Barndominium Floor Plans

Show even more detail with 3D barndominium designs. The 3D floor plans you create with Cedreo show a bird’s eye view of the space with realistic details like furniture, paint, flooring, and decorations. This makes it easy for clients to understand the overall flow of the layout while the realistic details get them excited about the project.

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3D floor plan designed with Cedreo

Barndominium Floor Plan Examples

Check out some real barndominium home plans you can create with Cedreo in as little as 2 hours.
2 story barndominium
2 story barndominium
2 bedroom barndominium floor plan
2 bedroom barndominium floor plan
3 bedroom barndominium floor plan
3 bedroom barndominium 3D floor plan
4 bedroom barndominium floor plan
4 bedroom barndominium floor plan
3d barndominium floor plan
3d barndominium floor plan
2d barndominium floor plan
2d barndominium floor plan

Important Barndominium Floor Plan Considerations

Barndominiums are growing in popularity. And since barndominium layouts can be quite different from normal homes, there are a few special things you should consider while planning.

Consider the layout first

Design a barndominium layout that fits your clients by first considering their lifestyle. One of the great things about a barndominium plan is that you can combine work, living, and play areas all under one roof. So look for ways to create a layout that fits your client’s lifestyle.

Consider space requirements

In addition to the normal considerations, like how big is the family or if they have pets, you also need to consider hobbies and workspace areas. Consider any space they might need for a home office, a workshop, a place to park ATVs, or even animal stables.

Consider traffic flow

With most barndominiums’ open floor plans and extra square footage, you likely won’t have to deal with congested areas. But you still need to plan for an efficient traffic flow. So consider things like how far is it to bring groceries into the kitchen, is the laundry easy to get to, or can someone come in from the workshop without dragging dirt across the house?

Consider lighting

The tall ceilings and open floor plans of most barndominium designs give you a good opportunity to take full advantage of natural lighting. So be sure to include tall windows, double doors, and skylights. All that extra natural light will make the space feel larger and help reduce utility costs.

5 Steps to Design a Barndominium Floor Plan

Designing barndominium plans doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you’re tackling a huge 2 story barndominium or small 2 bedroom barndominium floor plans, all it takes are these 5 steps with Cedreo.

1. Draw or import floor plan

Start by drawing the floor plan. Cedreo’s intelligent drawing tools work with you to streamline the process. It’s so simple, you can draw a basic barndominium floor plan in just a few minutes. Or if you have an existing plan you want to work off of, just import it as an image, set the scale, and trace over it.
UI shot Layout step
UI shot of the furnishings step

2. Decorate and furnish

Clients love floor plans that are furnished and decorated. So spruce up the floor plan with a virtually unlimited combination of fixtures, furnishings, and decorations from Cedreo’s design library. Drag, drop and customize each piece. Or save loads of time and have Cedreo decorate for you with one of the premade product packs.

3. Instantly visualize in 3D

As you draw your client’s barndominium in 2D, Cedreo instantly shows you the 3D version. So as you add a roof, customize fixtures, and place furnishings, you get instant design feedback to see how the plan is progressing.
UI shot 3D view
UI shot transformation options

4. Finalize dimensions

Once your plan is complete, give it a once over to check and make sure everything is where you want. If you need to make adjustments, just click and drag walls or other design elements and Cedreo will help you automatically resize the design. Then you can choose which dimension markups appear on the final plans.

5. Share with your team or client

Download 2D and 3D versions of the barndominium house plans along with photorealistic visualizations from a 1st person perspective. All of those are available in easy-to-share formats you and your clients can print or view on a mobile device. And if you’re working with a larger design team, choose the Enterprise package so you can collaborate on plans in the cloud.
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Create 2D and 3D Barndominium Plans Minutes

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