The easiest 3D home decorating software to adapt your design proposals to your client's taste

3D home decorating
  • Instantaneous visualizations of fully-furnished homes in 3D
  • 3D home decorating software to help clients picture themselves in their future homes
  • More than 7,000 customizable furnishing, objects and surface coverings
  • Product library that evolves to meet your needs

Instantly visualize your fully-furnished home design project in 3D

Visualize your home design project in 3D in just a click. After having created your home plan, access 3D features instantly to add your client’s 3D home interior decorating and visualize it as if you were there.
Home decor in 3D
Home decor 3D kitchen

Help your clients picture themselves in their new home with customized home interior decorating

Are your clients struggling to imagine what their project will look like based on 2D home floor plans? Show them their future home as if they were there with 3D decorating details. Make the project their own and help give them confidence in their choice.

All the features you need to create 3D home decorating plans

3D home decorating plans 100% customizable to match the unique tastes and styles of your clients, and let them dream about their future new home. The emotional aspect are powerful and effective factors that lead to sales.

More than 3,000 furnishings and objects

Decorate rooms in clients’ home projects with realistic 3D furniture and objects, which can be fully customized and resized to meet client needs.
Furnishing and home decor 3D

3,500 customizable surface coverings

A large selection of surface coverings, textures, and materials to customize the home interior decoration, including paint, flooring, tiles, etc…
Modern home decor 3D

Grouped product packs

Create a complete 3D home decorating plan in just a few minutes, using grouped product packs. Place a complete living room, or furnish a kitchen in 3D detail with just a click! Available in the 3D furnishing section of Cedreo for quick 3D home decorating projects!
Home decorating products 3D Cedreo

Customize the outdoor designs to your clients' needs !

3D products library

Cedreo is continuously evolving to meet your needs!

Cedreo is continuously developing its offer. Every month, new furnitures, objects and surface coverings are added to the 3D home decorating software library, allowing you to always do more to customize your home design projects or home renovation plans.

Each region has its own specific styles, that’s why Cedreo gives you the opportunity to ask our teams to create new products and surface coverings that fit the needs of your business and match the tastes of where you work and live.

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