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5 Things Interior Designers Must Know About 3D Visualization


3D visualization is the solution to not falling short when it comes to showing new clients that your vision of the project is aligned with theirs. It truly makes a difference and show why you are the right interior designer for the project.

1. 3D Visualization is Essential to Help the Clients Envision Their Future Interior Spaces

Clients of interior designers are not architects or civil engineers, they can’t look at a 2D floor plan and visualize in their head how the space will look like. It is up to the interior designer to make sure that the client understands the project before work has begun, leaving no doubt in their mind.

When the client comes with a rough idea of what they want, with some images of the style they would like, the role of the interior designer is to summarize all of this and turn it into a stunning 3D visualization. The client can visualize how the interior will look like when finished and see it in a realistic way. Whether this is a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room project, 3D renderings are the best way to help them picture the space.

It is quick and easy to convert both the client needs and your vision into an outstanding 3D visualization when you use the right tool. The 3D interior design software will allow you to present your work in the best possible light.

2. 3D Visualization Gives You the Best Way to Communicate Your Ideas to the Client

Communicating with client easily and reaching agreement on the project before it actually starts is the key to having a healthy interior design business. You need to relay all necessary information to the client because they may receive proposals from multiple interior designers. The 3D renderings allow you to match your proposal with what the clients want and avoid misunderstanding. This prevents disappointment, extra cost or extra time to deliver the project.

As your objective is to satisfy – and exceed – their expectations, you need to select the 3D interior design software that will bring your ideas to life as fast as possible.

If your communication with the client is smooth, fast and easy you will increase your chances of being hired.

3. Impress Your Clients to Sell Your Work With 3D Visualization

3D renderings are here to create the Wow effect that your clients are searching for. This will work perfectly as long as the 3D renderings are photorealistic. Providing professional quality 2D and 3D floor plans and 3D perspectives of the rooms to present your work improves the client buying experience. Of course, cost is a key factor in the decision making process, however, gaining the trust of the client also plays a big part. The objective is to convince them that your proposal totally fits their needs and style to get their approval.

Remove all doubts in the client’s mind and not restrict your presentation to a basic 2D floor plan and pencil drawings: present your work in the best possible light with photorealistic 3D renderings. This is where 3D interior design software shine the brightest.

It is important that the client has confidence in the interior designer they select. 3D visualizations give an assurance of the quality of work and definitely help selling the project.

4. Use 3D Visualization to Attract New Clients

3D renderings are the best evidence of your work and they will help you get new clients. You can use them for marketing purposes, on your website, social media, to display past projects and show the diversity of designs you can produce. Prospects will come to you because they will see the level of experience and quality you can bring to their project.

These additional projects coming from recommendations or advertising will allow you display an even wider portfolio to potential new clients.

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5. 3D Visualization is Very Simple to Create As Soon As You Select the Right Tool

Good news, 3D renderings are accessible to all savvy interior designers!

These days, 3D visualization is easy, fast and affordable, which is a good thing as the interior design profession has developed massively over the last last 10 years. You can put away your pencils and adopt an easy to use 3D interior design software to create your interior 3D renderings twice as fast and much more efficiently.

If your objective is to help your clients visualize their new space, communicate your vision faster and more efficiently, and present photorealistic interior designs like the ones below to sell your work, then you should definitely learn more about Cedreo.

Cedreo is an easy-to-use and intuitive 3D interior design software which helps you to save time on floor plan drawing, furnishing and creating photorealistic 3D interior renderings. It has been developed to ensure a fast learning curve regardless of your 3D design skills. You have everything you need to learn and master Cedreo, as well as a dedicated support team standing by to help you succeed.

How Cedreo Can Help You Create Stunning 3D Renderings to Win Over More Clients

  • Select colors, covering materials, furniture, decoration and get an instant 3D visualization in just 1 click: choose from an extensive library of 7000+ products to fit your clients’ taste.

  • Create several atmospheres with daylight and sunset: differentiate your proposal from other interior designers to be more impactful.

  • Show details to present the uniqueness of your ideas: choose different perspectives of each room to focus on specific part of your projects – very useful for the kitchen designs and bathroom designs.

  • Present a 3D floor plan to show the overall project: help your clients see the big picture with a fully furnished floor plan.

How Cedreo Can Help You Save Time on Your Preliminary Designs

  • Use the fastest 3D interior design software to create 3D renderings: this all-in-one software allows you to get 3D renderings without any complicated additional software for post-production touch-ups. It is much faster than other 3D home design software: you don’t have to wait for hours to get a rendering. 5 minutes is all it takes get a photorealistic 3D rendering.

  • Draw floor plans faster than ever before: floor plan software include simple features to draft intuitively and revise easily.

  • Easily duplicate a project to present 2 versions of a same room: thanks to the wide range of coverings, colors, materials, furniture and decoration, you double your chances to be hired.

  • Make the changes while you are with the client: Cedreo runs perfectly on a basic laptop as it is 100% online. This massively speeds up the process of approval so you don’t give your competitors the chance to revise their proposal.

To win over new clients, look no further than Cedreo and get started for free.

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