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Speed Up Your Floor Plan Drafting Phase

Cedreo is so intuitive that it makes it easier and quicker for you to draw conceptual floor plans and design the entire home . Its incredibly simple to add walls, adjust measurements, change the height level, add roofs, windows, doors, and symbols in just a few clicks. Drawing a great floor plan takes less than 2 hours using Cedreo.

Save Time on Home Remodeling Conceptual Designs

  • Draw a floor plan in less than 2 hours
  • Draw in 2D and get instant 3D visualization
  • Easily manage split level structures as well as dropped ceilings
  • Design interior and landscape gardening layouts
3D floor plan rendering made with Cedreo

Improve Communication With Your Clients

There’s a lot that happens in between the planning phase and the actual work in a remodeling, home building or interior design project. Your clients typically won't see it in the same way as you do. Cedreo provides remodelers with all the necessary tools to help their clients make sound decisions faster and easier.
Exterior of american house 3D rendering made with Cedreo

Help Your Clients Make Faster Decisions

Cedreo 3D renderings bring the 2D floor plan drawing of your remodeling projects to life. Having a 3D visualisation will vastly improve communication with your clients - they’ll see your ideas in 3D and understand your vision at a glance. With Cedreo 3D renderings , your clients will intuitively project themselves inside their future home, leading to a faster decision making process.
Contemporary house 3d rendering made with Cedreo

Avoid Misunderstandings For a Seamless Experience

Easily experiment on changing the home decorating styles, and propose different alternatives to your clients so that they can evaluate their options at a glance.
Help them get a clearer picture of the design before starting working on the remodeling project. Give your clients a position to understand the project in detail and make sound decisions.

The Perfect Tool For All Your House Remodeling Projects

3D Home Remodeling Software - Main Features

Bathroom Remodeling

Cedreo offers a wide range of 3D bathroom cabinets, tiles, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, etc. to best fit your clients’ needs. Design a bathroom project in detail: from full-scale redesigns, to additions, or expansion.
bathroom remodeling 3d rendering made with Cedreo

Kitchen Remodeling

With Cedreo, give your clients a clear picture of the kitchen remodel you have in mind before you start working on the remodeling project. Draw the kitchen floor plan quickly, manage dropped ceilings, and all other details: kitchen cabinets, appliances, flooring, tiles, and countertops.
kitchen remodeling 3d rendering made with Cedreo

Home Addition

Cedreo home design options are so easy-to-use that you’ll save time in drawing home additions that blend seamlessly into your clients’ house. Draw the existing floor plan quickly, add new levels, add a roof, or create additional rooms on the ground floor.
Home addition 3d rendering made with Cedreo

Basement Remodeling

Add extra levels under the existing layout and manage basement or split level structures efficiently with Cedreo. Furnish basement spaces by choosing within the extensive 3D products library, add wall and floor coverings, and select lighting options.
Basement remodeling 3d rendering made with Cedreo

Deck Renovation

Easily manage exterior remodeling with Cedreo. Draw in 2D and get instant 3D visualization of your porch or patio design, adapt roofing and covering to maintain the architectural consistency with your clients home.
Deck renovation 3d rendering made with Cedreo

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