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That Boosts Your Sales

Cedreo helps remodelers, contractors, and home builders save time and close more deals.

The Perfect Tool For All Your House Remodeling Projects

Cedreo’s 3D Home Remodeling Software has intuitive features to speed up the remodeling process.

Interior Remodeling

Give your clients a clear picture of your remodeling plans before you start working on the remodeling project. The remodeling software allows you to draw the floor plan quickly, manage dropped ceilings, and choose the style and placement of other details: cabinets, flooring, tiles, countertops, fixtures, appliances, and more.

Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Basement Remodeling

3D render of a remodel bathroom designed with Cedreo

Exterior Remodeling

Easily manage exterior remodeling with Cedreo. Draw in 2D and get an instant 3D visualization of your porch, patio, or other exterior remodeling project. Select roofing or coverings that match the architectural style of your client’s home, and complete the design with landscaping.

Craftsman house with porsh front view

Home Additions

Professional remodelers can use Cedreo to design additions that blend seamlessly with clients’ homes. Upload existing floor plans to Cedreo and add new levels, new rooms on the ground floor, or new roofs.

Craftsman house with pool back view in 3D

Speed Up Your Floor Plan Drafting Phase

Create floor plans and 3D home designs in less than two hours with Cedreo.
Add walls, adjust measurements, and add roofs, windows, doors, and symbols with just a few clicks.
No extension necessary — Cedreo includes all the tools you need for every home improvement project.

maison bois 3D façade nord

Save Time on Home Remodeling Conceptual Designs

  • Add roofing automatically
  • Draw in 2D and get instant 3D visualization
  • Easily manage split-level structures as well as dropped ceilings
  • Design interiors, landscapes, and hardscapes
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Improve Communication With Your Clients

A lot happens between the planning phase in a remodeling, home building, or interior design project.
Cedreo helps you accelerate that process.

Craftsman house night front view

Help Your Clients
Make Faster Decisions

Cedreo 3D renderings bring the 2D floor plan drawing of your remodeling projects to life. Having a 3D visualization will vastly improve communication with your clients — they’ll see your ideas in 3D and understand your vision at a glance. With Cedreo, you can update your 3D renderings based on client feedback and show clients revisions within minutes.

Exterior 3D Rendering for Architectural Design Phase 2

Add the Personalized Details
That Sell Designs

With Cedreo’s extensive 3D object and decor library, you can customize every remodeling project for each client. Choose their favorite color for an interior wall, choose lighting fixtures that capture their style — you can even add the family car to the driveway. These details evoke an emotional response and help clients envision themselves in their newly remodeled homes.

It’s easy to use.
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Because you shouldn’t have to figure it out all on your own.

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Daniel K, designer

“Finally! A 3D home designer I can actually work and use!”

Cedreo is so easy to view in 3D, navigate around in the space, and to create a house in hours, not weeks.

It’s the best consumer 3D program I have used to date.

Daniel K. Designer
UIshot Cedreo

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