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Design Bathroom Remodels without CAD Software

With Cedreo’s powerful, yet simple-to-use bathroom remodeling software, it’s easier than ever to get clients excited about their remodeling project. Even if you have no previous design experience, Cedreo is easy to learn. All it takes is a few clicks to design an entire bathroom in 2D and 3D. Cedreo has the tools you need to make your clients’ dream bathroom a reality.

See how easy it is to use the Cedreo bathroom remodel planner to bring ideas to life and close deals faster.

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Remodel Bathrooms in 2D

Every remodeling project begins with a set of 2D plans. Cedreo’s intuitive drawing tools let you create an accurate 2D floor plan of an existing bathroom with just a few clicks. Add architectural 2D symbols for bathroom fixtures and furniture, and quickly drag, drop, and customize doors and windows.

Cedreo makes it easy to change the layout. Click and drag fixtures to instantly change their location. Move and resize walls in just a few seconds. As you change the layout, Cedreo automatically updates measurements and surface area calculations.

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2D Bathroom Floor Plan
3D floor plan of a bathroom designed with Cedreo

Visualize Bathroom Remodel Plans in 3D

Clients may have difficulty envisioning how their remodeled bathroom will look in real life. When you use Cedreo to create detailed 3D floor plans, clients don’t need to use their imagination — you can show them a first-person perspective of their new bathroom.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait to view the 3D bathroom remodel plans. You and your clients can simultaneously view the bathroom in 3D as you make changes in 2D.

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Generate Photorealistic 3D Renderings

To put a finishing touch on any project presentation, use the Cedreo bathroom remodel tool to create photorealistic 3D renderings. Customize your bathroom rendering with lighting, camera perspective, and time of day. Photorealistic renderings help clients visualize bathroom features and make design decisions faster.

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3D render of a remodel bathroom designed with Cedreo

How It Works

Most bathroom remodel apps are either too simple and lacking functionality or overly complicated and difficult to use. Cedreo strikes a perfect balance, giving you an abundance of design elements in a user-friendly platform. Once you launch Cedreo, a professional bathroom remodel design is just a few clicks away.


1. Draw or Import Your Existing Bathroom Layout

Plan a bathroom remodel from an existing layout in Cedreo. Or import an old plan and simply trace over it to draw a new one. Even if you’re starting 100% from scratch, you can draw most bathroom floor plans in just a few minutes. Save time later by saving the current layout as a bathroom remodel template for future projects.

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2. Finalize New Bathroom Dimensions

Whether your client’s remodel involves minor changes or major adjustments to the layout, Cedreo makes your job easier. Simply select a wall and move it to enlarge or reduce the bathroom’s size. Remove existing walls or add new ones as needed. As you work, the 2D plans automatically update with the current measurements and surface areas.


3. Customize Materials

Cedreo helps you match the bathroom design to your client’s taste, thanks to an extensive library of surface materials. Customize shower surrounds, flooring, walls, partitions, and more with tile, wood, and other materials.


4. Add Furnishings and Decorations

Choose from hundreds of different pieces of furniture, bathroom fixtures, and decorations. Save time by using product packs — instead of placing decorations one by one, just drag and drop a pre-made product pack to finish the bathroom design quickly.

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5. Generate Photorealistic Designs

A lifelike rendering can accelerate the client approval process and help you close more deals. So once you’ve finished the bathroom design, you can adjust the lighting setting, choose the view you want to feature, and submit the rendering for processing.

Since Cedreo is an online bathroom remodel program, you don’t need a supercomputer to create 3D renderings. Cedreo’s servers take care of processing the renderings — in just 5 minutes, your photorealistic rendering will be ready to impress your clients.

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6. Download and Share

Are you working with multiple users or designers? Go with Cedreo’s Enterprise plan for streamlined collaboration. You’ll be able to share designs that your team can access and edit online. Plus, you can download and print plans to scale for your team to use during the project.

When it’s time to present your ideas to your client, download and share renderings and plans in JPG or PDF formats. Your clients can easily view your designs without any special software.

Examples of Bathroom Remodeling Projects

With Cedreo, remodelers and interior design professionals are creating stunning bathroom designs faster than ever. From discussing initial client ideas to creating professional renderings for a presentation, the Cedreo bathroom remodel program saves you time and money.

See some examples of real bathroom remodel designs created with Cedreo.

Start using Cedreo and you too can create designs like these — in hours, not days.

3D Bathroom Floor Plan

Remodeled Master Bathroom

3D render of a bathroom designed with Cedreo

Remodeled Bathroom With Walk-in Shower

3D bathroom rendering

Bathroom Remodel with finished Industrial Style decor

bathroom with dual vanity

Remodeled Bathroom With Dual Vanity

Bathroom Rendered with Cedreo

Remodeled Bathroom With Bathtub

Jack and jill bathroom floor plan

Remodeled Jack and Jill Bathroom

Master bedroom floor plan

2D Full Master on-suite Remodeling with Walk-In Closet Access

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Remodeling

How to remodel a bathroom?

Bathroom remodeling begins the moment you and your client make contact! It is important to discuss client wants, needs, and budget before visiting the bathroom to be remodeled is even considered. Once you possess all the necessary information and bathroom measurements, you can get to drawing and designing with Cedreo Software. Present a full business proposal with our 2D and 3D floor plans as well as photorealistic renderings.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

It all depends on how far your client wants to take their remodeling project, the size of the space, the quality of materials, and features. As a general rule, it will often cost 5% to 10% of the homes value. Primary bathrooms usually cost the most (ranging from $7,000 – $30,000), followed by guest bathrooms ($3,500 – $20,00), and then half-baths/powder rooms ($1,500 – $4,000).

Can I create more than one bathroom remodel?

With Cedreo Software you can create as many different bathroom remodel plans you need to help you close the deal with your client. Whether they are hesitating on layout, wall openings, or decoration furnishings we have all you need to fit your client’s needs.

When should a bathroom remodel take place?

A bathroom remodel can take place at any time as long as the desire from the client to change their bathroom environment is present! Important factors to take into consideration before offering your bathroom business proposal are space optimization, storage, privacy, and practicality for every family member.

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