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With Cedreo, it’s never been easier to create stunning apartment floor plans — from studio apartment floor plans to spacious 3 bedroom apartment floor plans. Our intuitive tools and extensive library of furnishings are perfect for both remodels and redecorating. And with professional 2D & 3D floor plans, your clients can easily envision their new space so you can close deals faster.

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2D Apartment Floor Plans

Whether you’re a builder, remodeler, or designer, your next project starts as a 2D floor plan. 2D apartment floor plan designs show the space from above and include dimensions, door and window openings, closet space, kitchen layout, and other details that help clients envision the completed space. Accurate apartment plans are important, which is why it’s best to use a floor plan design tool. Cedreo’s continuous drawing function lets you draw a room in just a few clicks while instantly viewing updated measurements and surface areas. Easily add doors, windows, furniture symbols, and color-coding to help clients understand the apartment floor plans.

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2D floor plan of an apartment with colors and symbols designed with Cedreo
3D floor plan of an apartment designed with Cedreo

3D Apartment Floor Plans

From small 1-bedroom apartment floor plans to large open floor plan apartments, 3D floor plans give your clients a virtual glimpse of the finished unit. Use Cedreo’s 3D plans to quickly present unique design ideas specific to your client’s taste and needs. With our extensive design library, you can add endless combinations of colors, materials, furniture, and decorations to your 3D plans.

Once you’ve finished your 2D drawings, you can generate photorealistic 3D renderings in just 5 minutes. Renderings show the apartment from a variety of perspectives, helping your clients to better visualize the size of the space and make final design decisions.

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3D Apartment Floor Plan Visualization

Cedreo Software helps you take your 2D and 3D floor plans a step further with our rendering technology. 3D renderings can really help bring your client’s future home to life so they can project and see where your business can take them. Visualization is key and it is usually more likely followed by a closing deal!

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3D rendering of an apartment livingroom designed with Cedreo

6 Key Apartment Floor Plan Considerations

Here are a few important factors to take into consideration when drawing your client’s apartment floor plan. These key considerations will ensure you draw and optimize the best apartment floor plan.

narrow studio apartment floor plan

Define the space

Apartment dimensions are what is going to define the entire layout of the living space, from the technicalities of your floor plan to the furnishing step. Defining the apartment space may vary according to your client’s wants and needs. You can easily modify the apartment floor plan in our layout step by moving, deleting and re-drawing walls where necessary.

colored 2d studio apartment floor plan

Foot Traffic

Moving easily from room to room is key when drawing an apartment floor plan. Room placement greatly influences foot traffic – the way in which a person moves around space – and must therefore be convenient as well as easily accessible. Foot traffic must also be considered when furnishing your client’s interior. With our 3D rotation for our 3D objects, you can re-position any product to optimize the floor plan space.

studio apartment living dining area rendering

Window Placements

Window placements can greatly impact the way interior light sources are placed and how the general interior space is perceived. In our Openings step, you can choose from a wide range of windows and resize them accordingly to fit your apartment floor plan.

3D rendering of an apartment balcony designed with Cedreo


Including balconies in your apartment floor plans acts as an outdoor extension of your client’s living space. Not only does it increase the value of the apartment floor plan but also the living quality for your client’s future apartment.

3D render of a storage space in an apartment designed with Cedreo

Storage Space

Whether big or small, storage space is crucial for apartment floor plans. It enables your clients to visualize themselves living in their future space without having to live among clusters. Choose from a wide range of storage products in our 3D library, or draw built-in storage using our layout step!

3D rendering of a modern apartment living room designed with Cedreo

Interior Design

Using our furnishing and materials steps you can visually optimize your apartment floor plan designs to add value to your business proposal. It’s all in the details when presenting an apartment floor plan to your client! So make the most of our 2D and 3D apartment floor plan views, and add that special touch with some 3D renderings.

Apartment Floor Plan Examples

To help you get inspired here are a few apartment floor plan designs drawn using our Home Design Software.

Studio Apartment floor plan

Studio Apartment floor plan

2 bedroom apartment floor plan

2 bedroom apartment floor plan

3 bedroom apartment floor plan

3 bedroom apartment floor plan

Apartment floor plan with balcony

Apartment floor plan with balcony

1 bedroom apartment floor plan made with Cedreo

1 bedroom apartment floor plan

Open 3D floor plan apartment made with Cedreo

Open floor plan apartment

3 bedroom / 2 bath apartment floor plan made with Cedreo

3 bedroom / 2 bath apartment floor plan

Small apartment floor plan made with Cedreo

Small apartment floor plan

Apartment Floor Plan FAQs

Can I Use Cedreo for an Apartment Remodel?

Absolutely! You can import an already existing floor plan into our layout step, trace over it and alter the living space to complete a new and improved apartment floor plan.

Why is Apartment Floor Plan Customization important?

The more you go into detail when designing your apartment floor plan the easier it is for you and your client to visualize the construction project and collaborate on making sure both parties have what they need. You can do this by adding color codes and technical symbols using our floor plan step.

Who uses online apartment design software?

Home builders, remodelers, and contractors who need apartment layouts to present construction projects use online apartment design software. Cedreo enables you to showcase a whole project with our different 2D and 3D viewpoints, as well as 3D renderings to complete your portfolio.

Is there a limit on apartment layouts I can create?

Nope! With Cedreo you can create as many apartment layouts as you need to close the deal with your client!

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