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Take the frustration out of using complicated blueprint software so you can focus on what matters most – getting your clients what they need, faster. Whether you’re a home builder , remodeler , or interior designer , Cedreo’s intuitive blueprint maker enables users to create professional blueprint designs in minutes, helping to streamline the design process and close deals faster!
2D floor plan with colors and symbols designed with Cedreo
3D floor plan designed with Cedreo

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“We can design almost anything.
That’s ultimately why we chose Cedreo.
Using the 3D renderings most certainly helps in selling the project.”

Sheree Ramm.

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“Having this ability to do this in-house cuts down on the time
where we can present designs. And obviously it is cheaper.
For us, it was a huge win to find Cedreo. ”

Rob Zerrenner.

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How to Make a Professional Blueprint

Wondering how to make a blueprint with Cedreo? Forget outsourcing design work or learning complex CAD software. Whether you’re starting from scratch or using a template, Cedreo enables users to draw professional blueprints in 5 simple steps.

1. Draw or Import Your Blueprint

Use Cedreo’s continuous drawing mode to draw an entire floor plan with just a few clicks. You can even import an existing blueprint, or sketch and trace over it to create a duplicate. As you draw the floor plan, dimensions will update in real-time.

Quickly add custom roof designs. Drag and drop doors, windows, and other wall openings from the extensive design library of 650+ products. You can customize their dimensions and instantly apply the edits to other similar openings.

And just like more expensive blueprint software, you can add wall symbols, room types, and dimension markups.

UI shot of the layout step
UI shot of the roof step

2. Furnish Your Blueprint

While in the blueprint designer, drag and drop furniture, materials, and other interior design features. Add flooring, wall paint, and customize furnishings. With 7,000+ elements to choose from, you know you’ll be able to find the right combination to meet your clients’ needs.

Simplify your design choices by selecting furniture and decorations that are organized according to popular design styles. The app helps you find and match the right pieces every time, even if you’re a new designer.

3. Instantly Visualize Your Blueprint in 3D

While working on 2D blueprint designs, you can simultaneously view the templates in 3D. This helps you create accurate blueprints that you know will look great in real life.

This feature also helps when editing plans based on client feedback. Just make the changes to the 2D blueprints and instantly see the updated 3D visualization.

UI shot 2D and 3D simultaneously
UI shot HD visual step

4. Create a Photorealistic Blueprint Rendering

Go beyond the limits of a traditional 2D blueprint generator. Use the Cedreo blueprint maker to create high quality 3D renderings that show clients how their finished product will really look.

Customize the renderings based on types of lighting and camera perspective. Use professional renderings like this to help clients get excited about projects and close deals faster.

5. Export and Share Your Blueprint Designs Visualization

Once you’ve finished creating your plans in the blueprint builder, the next step is to share to-scale versions with your clients.

The blueprint creator makes it easy to download and print 2D floor plans and 3D renderings. Export plans in JPG or PDF formats so your clients can view the blueprints without needing any special programs.

UI shot project manager

Blueprints Designed With Cedreo

Create blueprints for any type of home or room project in a matter of hours instead of days. Here are some examples of blueprints made with Cedreo.

Features Built to Simplify Blueprint Design

Few blueprint programs let you do so much, so fast. Cedreo’s platform was designed to be an easy blueprint maker with a short learning curve. Its intuitive tools are both powerful and simple to learn. Master Cedreo even faster with the library of video tutorials or help from the customer success team that’s available by chat, email, or phone.

Additional Features

import plan icon

Import Scalable Blueprints

Import a scalable floor plan JPG or PNG and trace over it to get a blueprint with the same measurements.

add level icon

Add Levels

With a single click, you can add a basement or upper level with exterior walls duplicated from the ground floor.

opening in walls icon

Select & Add Wall Openings

Add simple or arched openings between rooms. Customize dimensions and finishes as needed.

Draw in 2D and visualize in 3D icon

Draw in 2D & Visualize in 3D

Save time by viewing your drawing in the 3D floor plan window while drawing in the 2D blueprint maker.

Resize Projects icon

Duplicate & Resize Blueprints

Easily adapt previous projects to new clients. Create a duplicate or mirrored version of an existing plan and resize it as needed.

Customize 2D blueprint icon

Customize 2D Blueprints

Create professional blueprints with technical symbols, color codes, measurements, wall types and more.

Select Windows & Doors from 650+ Products icon

Select Windows & Doors from 650+ Products

Choose from Cedreo’s large selection of doors and windows. Drag, drop, and customize colors and dimensions of French doors, skylights, garage doors, and more.

Add Roofing with a Single Click icon

Add Roofing with a Single Click

With Cedreo’s automatic roof detection, you can add a roof with a single click. Then if needed, change the dimensions or combine different roof types for a custom design.

Apply Covering Materials from a 3500+ Library icon

Access 3,500+ Customizable
Covering Materials

You don’t have to limit your creativity. Choose from a virtually unlimited combination of colors, furniture, materials, flooring, and wall coverings.

Draw and Print to Scale icon

Draw and Print to Scale

Create accurate drawings that you can download as PDFs and print to-scale for use when it’s time to build.

Get Area Calculation icon

Get Area Calculation

As you work with the blueprints, you can view updated area calculations for individual rooms both on the floor plan and in the area table.

Share Blueprints with Team Members icon

Share Blueprint Designs

Choose the Enterprise plan to share blueprints online with team members so they can access from the app and edit them.

Create a Blueprint Today

3D blueprint designed with Cedreo
Are you starting with previous blueprints? Does your client have a very unique idea? Whichever it is, bringing projects to life has never been easier. And since you can quickly adapt previous designs to new clients, the more projects you create with Cedreo, the more drafting time you save. So why not start using the Cedreo blueprint maker today and take your project planning to the next level?

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