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With a powerful and intuitive bathroom design software like Cedreo, it’s never been easier to get your clients excited about their dream bathroom. All it takes is just a few clicks to design an entire bathroom, complete with dimensions, fixtures, and finishes – no CAD experience required. Cedreo’s bathroom planner includes everything you needto create the ideal bathroom design for your clients.

See how the Cedreo bathroom design tool helps you bring bathroom plans to life and close deals faster.

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Sketch 2D Bathroom Floor Plans

Sketch 2D Bathroom Floor Plans

Use the bathroom designer to quickly create a 2D floor plan online that ensures you’re making the best use of a bathroom’s space.

The intuitive drawing tools allow you to make a basic plan for the bathroom with just 4 clicks. Easily view the updated dimensions as you add and adjust walls to create a 100% accurate plan. Then, simply drag and drop doors, windows, and furniture symbols.

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Master bathroom 2D floor plan designed with Cedreo

Convert to 3D Bathroom Floor Plans

Convert to 3D Bathroom Floor Plans

With Cedreo, you don’t have to rely on your clients’ imagination. This easy-to-use online bathroom designer simultaneously generates the bathroom design in 3D as you draw in 2D. You can quickly update bathroom floor plans based on the client’s feedback and instantly see the changes reflected in the 3D floor plan .

Complete your bathroom plan using Cedreo’s extensive design library of colors, materials, and bathroom fixtures. Then, share a first-person perspective to show clients how all of the bathroom design elements work together.

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Master bathroom 3D floor plan designed with Cedreo

Generate Photorealistic Bathroom Designs

Generate Photorealistic Bathroom Designs

Some bathroom design software offers 3D views, but with Cedreo, you can take it a step further and create photorealistic 3D renderings . They’re a more immersive way to show your clients how their finished bathroom will really look.

Use the bathroom design tool to create realistic renderings by customizing lighting, time of day, and camera perspective. Cedreo’s 3D renderings even help your clients make design decisions faster since they can quickly envision the final bathroom layout, fixture locations, color scheme, and more.

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3D rendering of a bathroom with bath and shower designed with Cedreo

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“We can design almost anything.
That’s ultimately why we chose Cedreo.
Using the 3D renderings most certainly helps in selling the project.”

Sheree Ramm

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“Having this ability to do this in-house cuts down on the time
where we can present designs. And obviously, it is cheaper.
For us, it was a huge win to find Cedreo. ”

Rob Zerrenner

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Bathroom Design Examples

With Cedreo, it’s never been easier for remodelers , home builders , and interior designers to create stunning bathroom designs in just minutes. From 2D floor plans to photorealistic 3D renderings, this is the bathroom planner that will help you close more deals. See some examples of real bathroom designs created with Cedreo’s bathroom design software.
Master bathroom layout
Master bathroom layout
Master bathroom floor plan with walk-in shower
Master bathroom floor plans with walk in shower
Small bathroom floor plan with shower
Small bathroom floor plans with shower
Ada bathroom layout
ADA-compliant bathroom layout
Bathroom layout, first-person view
Bathroom layout

Use Cedreo to Design Your Bathroom Layouts in a Fraction of the Time

The online bathroom planner lets you access your designs across all your Mac and PC computers. And with cloud-based 3D rendering, you don’t need a powerful processor to complete your designs. Design a bathroom online today and modify it quickly to meet your clients’ expectations.

1. Draw Your Floor Plan

Use Cedreo’s continuous drawing mode to create floor plans from scratch. Or you can import an existing floor plan and trace over it to customize an old design. It’s so easy to use, you can draw most bathroom layouts in 5 minutes or less. But don’t let its simplicity fool you — this bathroom design tool creates stunning designs suitable for professional presentations and marketing materials.

Add furniture symbols and define the wall types, such as insulated, waterproof, or exterior walls. View measurements and surface areas to help ensure accuracy. And choose from 650+ types of doors and windows from the extensive product library.

UI shot Layout step

2. Add Bathroom Furnishings

Choose vanities, cabinets, and fixtures for the bathroom layout from Cedreo’s library of 7,000+ materials and furnishings. With just a few clicks, you can drag, drop, move, resize, and customize the colors of objects and furnishings to finalize the layout. Select floor coverings, tile, and paint from the material library and finalize your design.
UI shot furnishing step

3. View Bathroom Designs in 3D

As you draw, you can adjust the 3D perspective to view the bathroom layout from different angles. Then, use the bathroom design program to create a high-quality 3D rendering. You can adjust the sun position to show your clients how much natural light enters the room. It takes Cedreo just 5 minutes to create a photorealistic rendering that makes it easier than ever for clients to envision the possibilities.
UI shot HD visual step

4. Download or Share the Design With Your Team

Once your bathroom design is finalized, you can download floor plans and 3D renderings and present your conceptual design to clients.

The 3D renderings you created are available in the gallery of each project and can be downloaded in JPG format to share with team members or clients. Cedreo Enterprise plan users can share projects with the team members inside the platform.

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