2D Landscapes

Create Professional 2D Landscape Design Online in a Fraction of the Time.

The Value of a 2D Landscape Design

A 2D landscape design is the first step on the path to a finished landscaping project. 2D plans provide a fast and easy way to draw a site plan and show landscaping features like plants, patios , lawns, and gardens. They also provide a general overview of the site for use during project planning and site work.

Since 2D plans are the backbone of any landscape project, it’s important to use quality 2D landscape design software to create a set of accurate and detailed plans. Increasingly, contractors and designers are switching to Cedreo’s online design software. Its powerful yet easy-to-use toolset lets you create stunning landscape designs faster than ever.

2D Landscape Designs: Use Cases

2D landscape designs are popular among landscaping contractors. They make it easy to layout garden areas with greenery or patios with pools and decks. However, the usefulness of 2D landscape designs doesn’t stop there.

Other professionals in the housing and real estate industries are looking for faster ways to create and share 2D plans. Realtors use them to enrich their listings and property presentations. Appraisers add 2D property layouts to their reports. And home builders use 2D landscape plans to help sell clients on a home design.

Types of 2D Landscape Plans

2D landscape plans come in a variety of types, with two of the most common being black-and-white plans and colored plans. Cedreo’s online design software helps you create both. See when you may need to use each of these.
Black-and-White Landscape Plan designed with Cedreo

Black-and-White Landscape Plan


Black-and-white landscape plans have a clean, professional look. They’re often combined with 2D home plans and used in project planning, obtaining permits, and presenting initial design ideas to clients. Black-and-white plans are also the standard type of plans used by contractors during the project. In Cedreo, all you have to do is head to your project information page where you can download black-and-white site plans in JPG or PDF formats.

Colored Landscape Plan


Adding some color to your 2D plans makes it easier for you and your clients to identify different areas of the landscapes. Colored plans are simple to create in Cedreo. Quickly assign a color to each outdoor zone like lawns, driveways, gardens, and patios. Doing this will help your clients better understand the property layout and be able to make faster design decisions.

Colored Landscape Plan designed with Cedreo

How to Create Professional 2D Landscapes

Whether you’re an independent landscaping contractor or a home builder with multiple developments, you can easily create 2D landscape designs that help you close deals. See how you can start creating stunning designs today with Cedreo – no CAD software necessary!

1. Outline Property Boundaries

Start by adding a terrain layer to your project plan. Then use Cedreo’s “hidden wall” tool to establish the property boundaries. It’s easy to do with the continuous drawing mode and measurements that update automatically as you work. Simple property boundaries can be drawn with as few as four clicks.
UI shot of the layout step

2. Map Out Terrain

Rotate or move the terrain layer as needed to properly position it with the overall site plan. If needed, create a more defined terrain area with a physical perimeter wall or hedge. You can also begin to map out areas that will become driveways, lawns, and patios.
UI shot of the layout step

3. Finalize Property Dimensions

As you’re creating the landscape design, feel free to adjust the dimensions at any time to ensure a 100% accurate layout. Move perimeter walls, shrink lawn areas, or add sloped terrain. As you work, measurements and surface area calculations update automatically.
UI shot add dimensions

4. Adjust Color and Surface Materials

Customize each of the landscape features with an endless variety of materials. Drag-and-drop grass, asphalt, stone, concrete, pavers, wood, and more!
UI shot materials step

5. Add Exterior Objects

Create exquisite outdoor designs with a wide variety of exterior design elements. Add trees, plants, walls, pools, fire pits, and other objects to your plans.
UI shot furnishing step

6. Add Outdoor Furnishings

Bring the plans to life with outdoor furnishings. This helps your clients imagine the finished look and get a better feel for the overall size and layout of their outdoor living space. Cedreo’s extensive online design library features everything you need, including swing sets, outdoor furniture, tables, and barbeques.
UI shot furnishings step

7. Simultaneously View in 3D

Unlike other design programs that only let you draw in 2D, Cedreo lets you simultaneously view your landscape in 3D as you draw in 2D! That means you can make changes in 2D and instantly see the updated view in the 3D window. This helps you design faster and is perfect for making last-minute changes based on client feedback.
UI shot layout step with simultaneously View in 3D

8. Download and Share Plan

When it’s time to share the project with clients or with your team, just head to the project information page and download the plans. Download them in common image formats for easy sharing with your clients. You can also download 2D plans to scale as PDFs for printing and use during work on the project.
UI shot project manager

2D Landscape Examples

From simple garden designs to extravagant hardscape plans, Cedreo makes landscape design easier than ever. The ability to create more detailed plans with less time and hassle is a big win for contractors, builders, and designers. See some examples of real 2D landscape designs you can start creating today with Cedreo 2D landscape design software.
Landscape Plan With Gardens
Landscape Plan With Gardens
Landscape Plan With Pool
Landscape Plan With Pool
Landscape Plan With Patio
Landscape Plan With Patio
Landscape Plan With Driveway
Landscape Plan With Driveway
Landscape Plan For Small Backyard
Landscape Plan For Small Backyard
Landscape Plan With Exterior Fence
Landscape Plan With Exterior Fence

Convert 2D Landscapes Into 3D Renderings

While 2D landscape designs are an important first step, they can be hard for some clients to interpret. But with just a few clicks in Cedreo, you can create photorealistic 3D images that let your clients visualize the finished project. This feature helps you improve your conversion rates and close more deals!

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