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Plan Interior and Exterior Living Spaces

Cut drafting time and costs with Cedreo, a 100% cloud-based space planner software with expansive functionality and intuitive features anyone can use.

Interior Living Spaces

When interior space planning with Cedreo, you can quickly draw the parameters of your interior space in 2D and visualize it in 3D. Finishing touches are a breeze: Choose from more than 3,000 furnishing and interior decorating products and place them throughout the designed living space.

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Living room 3D render designed with Cedreo
Exterior living space 3D render designed with Cedreo

Exterior Living Spaces

Once your interior space is planned out, you can move on to planning your exterior space . You can choose where on the lot your house will sit, then add features such as a swimming pool, deck, patio , and landscape items.

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logo Heartwood

“We can design almost anything.
That’s ultimately why we chose Cedreo.
Using the 3D renderings most certainly helps in selling the project.”

Sheree Ramm.

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“Having this ability to do this in-house cuts down on the time
where we can present designs. And obviously it is cheaper.
For us, it was a huge win to find Cedreo. ”

Rob Zerrenner.

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How Space Planning Software Can Help Your Business?

Space planner software from Cedreo is a refined tool that yields measurable results. Create in-depth designs that grow your business. Enhance your ability to deliver illustrative and precise designs to clients in record time.

3D rendering designed with Cedreo

Home Builders

With Cedreo’s space planning platform — and in just a few hours — home builders can easily create the layout of a home, as well as the size, location and purpose of each room, from the office to the bathroom. By presenting these details to clients quickly, home builders can shorten the sales cycle and boost overall sales.
Remodeling kitchen designes with Cedreo

Home Remodelers

Give clients a clear idea of how proposed changes will alter the layout and spacing inside their home. A clear visualization encourages prospective clients to move forward. Save time in the conceptual design phase, perfect your client communication, and close more deals with Cedreo’s space planning software.
Living room decor designed with Cedreo

Interior Designers

With thousands of furnishings, decorations, and collections to choose from, you can take your interior space planning to the next level. Show clients how various objects and pieces of furniture will enhance the layout, spacing, and feel of their homes.

Easy-to-Use Planning Software for All Room Types

From roof to basement, Cedreo is the top space design software for builders, remodelers, and designers who want to save time and thrill clients with full-fledged conceptual designs. And with our video tutorial library and outstanding customer support, you can get started on your space plan right away!
2D House Plan
2D House Plan
3D House Plan
3D House Plan
Furnished 3D Living Space
Furnished 3D Living Space
2D Kitchen Layout
2D Kitchen Layout
Furnished 3D Bedroom Layout
Furnished 3D Bedroom Layout
Furnished 3D Basement Layout
Furnished 3D Basement Layout

Professional Space Planning in a Fraction of the Time

Cedreo is expertly designed to save you time. Complete your professional space layout in hours — not days — with Cedreo’s tools. Just follow these few simple steps:

1. Draw or Import Floor Plan

Import an existing floor plan into the space design software or quickly draw your exterior walls. Simply click each time you want to create a new exterior wall angle using the intuitive drawing tools.
UI shot Layout step Draw or Import Floor Plan

2. Customize Surfacing and Materials

With exterior and interior walls drawn, it’s time to customize. Choose wall colors and materials, driveway and patio surfaces, interior floor types, and more from the space planning tool’s vast materials library.
UI shot Customize Surfacing and Materials

3. Add Room Furnishings

Cedreo’s library has more than 3,000 drag-and-drop furnishings that you can customize and add to your design. Each 3D item is realistic and adds personalized touches to the design.
UI shot furnishing step

4. View Living Spaces in 2D or 3D

Design in 2D or 3D and quickly view your space from either perspective. Each time you make a change in the 2D design, Cedreo renders the change in the 3D view, so you can get real-time insight into your space plan.
UI shot with Living Spaces View  in 2D and 3D

5. Visualize Your Living Space in HD

When you’re ready to take your design from concept to concrete, you can generate a photorealistic 3D rendering from your desktop. Then download it and share it with clients or colleagues. Or, if you’re an enterprise customer, you can share designs with colleagues inside the Cedreo app from your desktop or mobile device.
UI shot Visualize Your Living Space in HD

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