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Create Room Layouts and 3D Visualizations Online

It’s never been easier to help your clients get excited about a project. With Cedreo’s room planner, you can design, decorate, and view your next project in minutes. That means no more outsourcing design work and no more trying to figure out complicated CAD software.

See how this easy-to-use 3D room designer allows users to quickly create a variety of exterior and interior layouts for all room types, such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and more!

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2D Room Plans

An accurate 2D floor plan will help the rest of your project go more smoothly. The 2D room planning feature helps you create accurate drawings with all the room’s features to scale.

Use the continuous drawing mode to create floor plans in just four clicks. Make sure your room design is accurate with the surface area and dimensional measurements that appear on the floor plan. And quickly add doors,windows, and furniture symbols with drag-and-drop tools that are simple to use while still giving you the ability to customize their dimensions.

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2D floor plan of a master bedroom designed with Cedreo
3D floor plan of a master bedroom designed with Cedreo

3D Room Plans

It can be hard to visualize how a room will look from just a simple floor plan. With the combination of a 2D and 3D room planner you can finally visualize your room design in 3D while drawing in 2D. Then with a single click, get a downloadable 3D floor plan rendering that will help your client envision their finished project.

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3D Room Visualizations

To really bring the project to life for your clients, Cedreo helps users create stunning photorealistic 3D renderings.

With powerful 3D room design software, you can preview design features like the furniture layout, flooring, and color schemes. You can even create realistic renderings by customizing the lighting, time of day, camera perspective, and more! This helps you save time and money later by being able to see and refine the finished project before you’ve even started.

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3D rendering of a mastert bedroom designed with Cedreo

Easy-to-Use Planning Software for All Room Types

It’s never been easier for home remodelers, builders, and designers to create room layouts in just a few minutes. Use powerful room planner software to design your client’s dream room in 2D and then bring it to life with impressive 3D photorealistic views.

Bedroom 3d floor plan

Bedroom Layouts

Choose an overhead view that shows the orientation of bedroom furniture.

Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen Layouts

Create 3D kitchen renderings with custom finishes and lighting.

Office 3D floor plan made with Cedreo

Office Layouts

Easily plan layouts for home and commercial offices.

bathroom with dual vanity

Bathroom Layouts

Make 3D bathroom layouts, complete with your client’s choice of tile and finishes.

3D Square living room layout designed with Cedreo

Living Room Layouts

Design living room layouts and easily move furniture to demonstrate traffic flow.

Basement Layouts

Basement Layouts

Add seating, entertainment centers, and lighting to create your custom basements.

Design Rooms Online in Half the Time

The cloud-based room designer lets you create and access your designs from your Mac and PC devices. And because our servers take care of the complicated 3D rendering and design tasks, all you need is a basic laptop – no supercomputer required to run the software.

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Quick and easy layouts

Draw room layouts with just a few clicks and zero hassle — no complicated CAD software required!

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Architectural symbols

Easily add measurements and symbols to define the types of walls – such as insulated and exterior walls.

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Automated resizing

Continuously keep track of the room size as the surface area automatically updates anytime you change the dimensions or location of a wall.

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Door and window library

Drag and drop any of the 605+ types of doors and windows available in the product library. It’s so easy, you can draw most rooms in 5 minutes!

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Thousands of design features

Choose from 7,000+ materials, furnishings, and home decor. Just drag, drop, move, and resize elements as needed to really make your client’s project come alive.

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Customization options

Customize the colors and materials of walls, floors, and furniture to add the finishing touches.

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Client-ready plans

Impress your clients with a combination of downloadable 2D plans to scale, and photorealistic 3D renderings.

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Faster approvals

With the ability to add flooring, colors, and furnishings to your 3D plans, it’s easier than ever for you to help your clients envision the best possibilities.

How Can Room Planner Software Help You?

Whether you’re a builder, remodeler, interior designer, or architect, the road to your finished designs is shorter with Cedreo.

Home Builders

Move your next project from concept to sale in record time. Save time and reduce your room design costs while inspiring your clients with floor plans and photorealistic renderings that help them easily envision living in their dream home.

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Home Remodelers

Having trouble communicating your ideas to a client? With Cedreo’s 3D room design software, you can help clients easily visualize the finished project. This saves you time and effort in the planning stages while helping ensure your clients are 100% satisfied with the remodel.

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Interior Designers

With an intuitive room planning tool and extensive library of finishes, materials, furniture, and decor, you can help clients see your vision like never before. And even if clients request changes, the room planner lets you make instant adjustments to the interior design right before their eyes.

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Create detailed plans that help builders and contractors execute your vision. Cedreo’s architectural symbols, custom wall openings, and 2D floor plans show your build partners exactly where to place key elements and structural supports.

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