Container Home Floor Plans

Learn how to create attractive container home floor plans in just a few minutes.

Draw Container Home Floor Plans in Minutes

Create stunning 2D and 3D container home layouts in a matter of minutes, not days. That’s 100% possible when you use modern home design software like Cedreo — even if you don’t have previous design experience. Save time. Save money. Close deals faster!
UI shot of a tiny house floor plan

Types of Container House Floor Plans

Impress clients with more than just black and white floor plans. Use these types of container house floor plans to clearly express your ideas and get clients excited about their project.

2D Floor Plans

2D Floor Plans

2D floor plans are the bread and butter of any home design. They show a top-down view of the overall layout as well as the window, door, and fixture placements. With a program like Cedreo, you can also make 2D plans easier for clients to understand with color-coded rooms and furniture symbols .

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2D floor plan of a 3 bedrooms house

3D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plans

3D floor plans take your project presentation to the next level. These show an enhanced view of the layout from a bird’s-eye view. With these types of plans, clients get a better feel for the final look of their container home since they can see the furniture layouts, color schemes, and surface textures. Cedreo saves you loads of time with this step since it creates a 3D plan simultaneously as you draw in 2D.

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3D floor plan designed with Cedreo

Photorealistic Visualizations

Photorealistic Visualizations

Include photorealistic visualizations in your project proposals and you stand out as a housing professional. Give clients a first-person view from inside their future container home. With the 3D renderings you create with Cedreo, your clients can envision their home in full detail with accurate lighting and realistic textures.

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3D render of a tiny house designed with Cedreo

Container House Plan Examples

Want to see some floor plans in action? Check out a few examples of real container home designs you can create with Cedreo.
2D floor plan
2D Floor Plan
3D floor plan
3D Floor Plan
Exterior Rendering by Night
Interior Rendering
Interior Rendering
Exterior Rendering
Exterior Rendering
Site Plan
Site Plan

5 Steps to Design a Professional Container House Plan

Ready to start creating your own container house plans? Here’s how to do it with Cedreo — no previous CAD experience needed!

1. Draw or import floor plan

Start by drawing the exterior and interior walls. With Cedreo’s intuitive drawing tools, all it takes are just a few clicks. As you work, you can drag, move and resize walls as needed. Got an existing floor plan that you really like? Save time by importing it into your project so you don’t have to start drawing from scratch.
UI shot Layout step
UI shot of the furnishings step

2. Decorate and furnish

Choose from Cedreo’s extensive design library with thousands of different design elements, furnishings, and decorations. And since space is limited in container homes, you’ll love how you can resize virtually any design element for a custom fit.

3. Instantly view in 3D

Other programs make you jump through hoops just to see a 3D view. With Cedreo, you see your container design simultaneously in both 2D and 3D. That gives you instant design feedback while streamlining your workflow.
UI shot 3D view
UI shot HD visual step

4. Create a photorealistic visualization

3D models can require highly specialized skills to produce. Fortunately, Cedreo takes care of the heavy lifting. All you have to do is adjust the lighting, select the viewpoint, and submit it for rendering. In just 5 minutes you’ll have a photorealistic 3D view of the finished project to share with clients.

5. Export and share your plan

Whether you need to share the plans with a client, your team, or on social media, it’s easy with Cedreo. Download the 2D and 3D plans in common formats like JPEG, PNG, or PDF. And if you’re an Enterprise user, other team members can view and collaborate on designs within Cedreo.
UI shot project manager

5 Important Container House Floor Plan Considerations

When you’re working with the limited space of a shipping container, creating a floor plan that’s both practical and comfortable can be a challenge. Here are 4 things to keep in mind when designing container homes for clients.


Although the foundation won’t affect the interior floor plan, it’s still one of the most important considerations. There are several types of foundations commonly used for container homes — pier, pile, slab, and beam. To choose the correct one, be sure to check with local code offices and an engineer to see what is safe and allowed in your area.

Number of occupants

The number of occupants is one of the biggest factors to consider when creating the floor plan. That’s because additional occupants need places to sleep and more space for moving around. And don’t forget pets — cats need their litter boxes and dogs need their beds.

Space and layout

When creating a container home plan, you can’t afford to have wasted space. That’s why it’s important to first understand your client’s needs and lifestyle. Then you can adapt the plan to meet their needs.

For example:

  • Does somebody in the family work from home? Then don’t forget to include an office space.
  • Are they planning on expanding their family in the future? Why not add a multi-purpose space they can repurpose as a sleeping area.
  • Do they want to be able to take the occasional bubble bath? Don’t forget to leave room for a bathtub.

Loft or single level

Since container homes have a fixed height, your options are limited when it comes to adding a loft. One option is to create a raised bed platform with an office or storage space underneath. For more flexibility with loft options like this, go with a high-cube shipping container that’s 9 feet 6 inches tall.

Create 2D and 3D Container House Plans Minutes

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