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Key Principles of Landscape Design to Keep In Mind


Whether you’re a seasoned landscaping professional or just starting out in the field, understanding the key principles of landscape design is essential to crafting visually stunning and functional outdoor environments.  In this 7-minute read, we’ll explore the four key principles of landscape design and how you can apply them to your landscape projects. By gaining […]

How To Charge For Your Landscape Designs – Find Your Rate


Pricing your landscape design services can be a challenging task. But striking the right balance between competitive rates and fair compensation is essential for success — it helps ensure you can land enough clients while maximizing your earnings. So whether you’re a contractor, designer, remodeler, or builder, you need to understand how to charge for […]

U-Shaped Kitchen Design – What to Consider and How to Accomplish It


As the heart of the home, the kitchen is always one of the main rooms in any house, it’s where meals are prepared, and family and friends are met. Families often spend a lot of time in their kitchens, therefore, it’s essential to have a functional and efficient kitchen design that meets the needs of […]

Bathroom Style Guide: 10 Styles To Elevate Any Bathroom Design


For housing professionals, keeping up with bathroom style trends can mean the difference between a good project and an unforgettable one. As the place where comfort meets functionality, the bathroom style you choose speaks volumes about your expertise as a housing professional.  So whether you’re a builder, remodeler or interior designer, diving into these 10 […]

Your Complete Guide to Landscape Design


For many, the garden, patio, and backyard are places where families and friends gather to enjoy fresh air, share stories, and admire nature’s beauty. That’s why landscape projects are some of the most common tasks that homeowners and landscape professionals undertake. From cozy and intimate gardens to expansive, open-concept lawns, all successful landscape projects begin […]