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How Sixpence 21 LTD Drives Growth
With Cedreo

Take a look at how Sixpence 21 LTD has doubled the productivity of conceptuals by using Cedreo
to help clients visualize their project and reduce drafting times.

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Drafting time reduced
by half
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Photorealistic 3D renderings to help clients understand the design concepts before any work has been carried out
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Number of interior
conceptuals doubled

“With Sketchup you can get a pencil effect whereas with Cedreo it is photo realistic, and this is what my clients want to see.”

Frankie Sharman

Owner, Sixpence 21 LTD

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About: Sixpence 21 LTD is an Interior Design company which focuses on living rooms and master bedrooms, as well as kitchen and bathroom design.

Industry: Interior Design

Most used Cedreo features: 2D floors plans , 3D floor plans , 3D Interior design: 3D Products and Coverings , 3D Renderings , Floor Plan Duplication, Resizing tools

If you operate in the Interior Design industry, then a big part of your success is probably due to your ability to communicate your design ideas to clients and convince them to go through with a project.

Communicating the complexity of a home design project and helping the clients make decisions isn’t that easy. But it is a challenge you can overcome with the right tools.

There are a lot of different ways that design software can be used in different stages of the client’s journey. Sixpence 21 LTD, an Interior Design Company, has achieved great success by using Cedreo during the conceptuals phase.

In this case study we're going to show you how Sixpence 21 LTD processed twice as many interior design conceptuals by reducing drafting time in half and helping clients visualize their projects much better than on 2D floor plans.

Sixpence 21 LTD Struggled to Sell Design Projects Because Clients Couldn't Visualize

2D floor plans were the only sales material that Sixpence 21 LTD used at that time. They had difficulty explaining new projects to her clients with 2D floor plans because they couldn’t understand what they were looking at when viewing 2D floor plans. Unfortunately, not many people outside of the architectural and interior design fields are able to visualize a finished project by looking at a 2D floor plan.

Sixpence 21 LTD quickly recognized the need to provide their clients with 3D renderings. They wanted to show them exactly what their space would look like after the work and furnishing take place and accelerate the decision making.

How Sixpence 21 LTD Used Cedreo to Drive Growth
by Reducing Drafting Times and
Helping Clients Visualize

Sixpence 21 LTD Spent Too Much Time in Drafting Projects that Didn’t Convert

Sixpence 21 LTD then searched for an interior design software to easily draw floor plans and generate 3D renderings. Frankie Sharman from Sixpence 21 LTD, came across many different types of software that she tested carefully. With a lot of them, some important features were missing that made it impossible to draft interior design projects with the detail and precision required by a professional. Sketchup caught her attention because it seemed to be an all in one tool, from 2D floor plans to customized interior details, and eventually 3D renderings.

She used Sketchup for several months. The ramp-up period was long. It took her several weeks of daily work to be up and running with the program. And even after that, she had to spend days drafting floor plans that didn't always convert. This pre-sale process was definitely painful.

“My objective was to get photorealistic 3D renderings at a much faster pace to help clients visualize their projects and ultimately, boost the sales and overall profit.”

Frankie Sharman, Owner, Sixpence 21 LTD

This is Where Cedreo Comes In

Sixpence 21 LTD heard about Cedreo as an easy-to-use interior design program. Sixpence 21 LTD signed up for a 14-day free trial and began with drawing a project she had originally designed with Sketchup.

“I started searching for a rendering software so I have previously tested SketchUp however I found from the trial period that I was able to achieve much more in a shorter amount of time using Cedreo. It literally takes me a couple of hours to do one plan with Cedreo!”

Frankie Sharman, Owner, Sixpence 21 LTD

Sixpence 21 LTD quickly took the decision to switch from Sketchup to Cedreo. It was an essential tool for them to reduce drafting time and presenting photorealistic 3D renderings to clients.

Drafting Time Reduced by Half and Photorealistic 3D Renderings Thanks to Cedreo

Using Cedreo, Sixpence 21 LTD is able to:

  • Draw 2D and 3D floor plans to help clients understand the overall project
  • Create 3D renderings to visualize a space and its new design at the earliest stage of an interior design project
  • Reduce drafting time by half compared to other interior design software
  • Double the number of conceptuals presented to potential clients

“Cedreo is really easy to pick up. It is easy to navigate through the pages, if you need to go back and tweak dimensions, it is just easy to do.“

Frankie Sharman, Owner, Sixpence 21 LTD

Sixpence rendering 01
Sixpence rendering 02

"All Reactions Have Been Great So Far!"

Sixpence 21 LTD is now using Cedreo for all interior design projects. They present the 3D floor plans and interior renderings to their customers but also use them on the website and share them on social media to show a selection of the company’s portfolio.

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