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The Value of a 3D Site Plan

Designing and building homes is all about vision. To close a sale with a client, you have to be able to communicate your vision for the property. Otherwise, it’s left up to the client’s imagination — and you don’t know how visionary your client actually is. That’s why 3D site plans are so important.

A 3D site plan shows not only the layout of the home or other building, but the entire property, including other structures, landscape elements , driveways, pools, property lines and more.

The days of sitting down to draft a site plan manually are over. Now, you can use an online site planner tool to do in minutes what used to take days. Read on to learn more about site plans, site plan creators and more.

Who Uses 3D Site Plans?

Who needs a site plan creator? Anyone who needs to sell their vision for a property to a client. That means home builders, remodelers and real estate agents are some of the people who can benefit from using 3D site plans.
Craftsman house designed with Cedreo

Home Builders

Home construction professionals know clients want to see the big picture — not just the home’s layout. Site plans show a bird’s eye, realistic view.
Kitchen designed with Cedreo

Home Remodelers

To close more deals, professional home remodelers use site plans to demonstrate how a family’s property will look after the work is done.
Living room designed with Cedreo

Real Estate Agents

Real estate professionals can add a valuable new layer to their listings by using a site planner to create 3D, top-down images of their properties.
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3D Site Plan Examples

There’s no better way to illustrate the value of a site plan creator than to show you some examples of what a high-quality one can do. See below for examples of site plans created with Cedreo.

3D Property Plans

To understand a property’s full potential, you have to be able to visualize it in its entirety. That’s exactly the view of a property that a 3D site plan will give you. In the example below, you can see more than just the home — you can see every outdoor element surrounding the home and exactly how it’s laid out.
3D site plan designed with Cedreo
3D site plan designed with Cedreo

3D Landscape Plans

Trees, plants, grassy areas, paved pathways, pools, decks, external doors and gardens — these are just some of the accents that make an outdoor area feel like home. High resolution landscape site plans show all of these elements in detail, as you can see in the images from Cedreo below.
3D landscape plan designed with Cedreo
3D landscape plan designed with Cedreo

3D Backyard Designs

Backyards are a big deal in home design, but if you’re only showing 3D floor plans to your customers, you’re leaving out this important selling point. Using a site planner like Cedreo, you can create a detailed site plan that shows everything from outdoor surface materials to patio furniture — not just the home you want to build.
3D backyard plan designed with Cedreo
3D backyard plan designed with Cedreo

3D Garden Designs

For some homeowners, the garden area is one of the most important features of the home. Gardeners spend a lot of time in these spaces and want them to be exactly right. Show your clients that you have a vision for their garden with a 3D garden plan that shows every gorgeous detail. See the examples from Cedreo below.
3D garden plan designed with Cedreo
3D garden plan designed with Cedreo

How to Create Professional 3D Site Plans

It’s hard to come up with a way to better showcase a space than with a 3D site plan. But how do you go about creating one? With site planner software. Here’s how Cedreo’s site plan creator works:

1. Outline Property Boundaries

The 3D site plan creation process begins after you have completed the floor plan of the home that will sit on the property. You start by using the “import layer” function to add the terrain layer to the project. From there, you simply draw the external boundaries of the property, clicking to create a corner or angle. Simply drag the terrain layer to move it so that the house sits in the correct spot, and rotate the layer for visibility as needed.
UI shot og the exterior step

2. Set Dimensions

If you are working with an existing parcel of land, you can use Cedreo to see the exact dimensions of the boundaries you are drawing in order to draw the real plot of land to scale. You get to choose the scale you draw in, and rest easy because Cedreo allows you to quickly and easily print your 3D site plans to scale with dimensions displayed.
UI shot of the Layout step

3. Apply Surface Coverings

With the boundaries of the site drawn and the dimensions confirmed, it’s time to add surface coverings. These are the materials you will use to signal what is grass, what is garden, what is paved, the types of trees and more. Cedreo provides a large library of surface covering types among more than 3,500 products. Choose your surface covering and draw the area in which it will sit. The drawing process here is much like the process for drawing the walls of your floor plan. Draw continuously and click to create a corner or angle.

Include as many details as possible in this step. Consider all of the surfaces that will require different coverings, such as driveways, grassy areas, gardens, patios, sun decks, areas surrounding swimming pools and tree-covered areas. Choose a surface material for each item that best matches your understanding of the client’s vision for the project.

UI shot of the material step

4. Add 3D Objects

The last item to add to your 3D site plan is any object that will be a physical part of the outdoor area. This includes items like outdoor walls, pools, plants, trees, tables, chairs, play areas, fountains and much more. Cedreo’s site planner includes an enormous library of 3D objects to choose from, so you’re sure to find exactly what you need to satisfy your client’s vision for the space.
UI shot of the furnishing step

5. Generate Renderings

With the outdoor area drawn, covered, furnished and decorated, you’re done designing. Now, it’s time to start creating detailed 2D and 3D site plan renderings that will showcase every detail and impress your clients and colleagues. To showcase the entire site, you will want to set the view to the top-down angle. In 2D, the elements on the plan will be denoted with symbols. But the 3D plan will show the 3D objects you have chosen in vivid detail. Simply click to start generating the renderings.
UI shot of the HD visual step

6. Share Plans

For many home builders and remodelers, this is the best part: sharing the site plan renderings with the client. You can download your renderings in JPG or PDF format, print the 2D site plan to scale or both. Then, all that’s left to do is present the plan and watch your client’s eyes light up.
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Powerful Features That Make 3D Site Planning a Breeze

Cedreo’s site plan creator is packed with powerful features that are meant to make the jobs of home builders, remodelers and real estate professionals easier. With stunning visuals, an intuitive user interface and a massive library of furnishings and surface coverings, Cedreo is the leading site planner software for professionals.
Draw in 2D & Visualize in 3D
Draw in 2D & Visualize in 3D
3D Catalogue
3D Catalogue
Customize Surface Coverings
Customize Surface Coverings
Customize Slope and Terrain
Customize Slope and Terrain
Photorealistic renderings
Photorealistic renderings
Download and Share
Download and Share
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