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Draw Home Gym Floor Plans in Minutes

It can be tough to fit everything your clients want into a home gym floor plan — weights, cardio machines, pilates equipment and space to use it all. So why not use a home gym designer to create an inspiring workout space that makes it easier for your clients to stay fit?

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2D Home Gym Layout

2D gym plans are an important first step in designing a home gym. They show the overall layout from above and make it easy to plan the space. In Cedreo you can choose from different types of gym equipment. Just drag and drop them in place to create the 2D floor plan.

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2D home gym floor plan
3D gym floor plan designed with Cedreo

3D Floor Plans for Home Gyms

3D gym plans are more important than ever for getting your clients excited about a project. They show the 3D space from above and make it easy for clients to visualize the gym with equipment layouts, materials, and color schemes. And fortunately Cedreo automatically creates a 3D gym plan as you draw in 2D.

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Visualize Home Gym in 3D

Add 3D visualizations to your projects and start closing deals faster. They provide a realistic look at the finished project from a first-person perspective. Cedreo helps you create 3D views with accurate lighting and textures — no 3D experience required!

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3D render gym room at home

6 Key Home Gym Layout Considerations

Want to design the perfect home gym for your clients? Here are 6 key factors you should take into consideration.

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Types of Workouts

The type of workouts your clients like to do will determine the type of equipment and space needed in the layout.

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Gym equipment can take up a lot of space. So first consider how much square footage you have to work with.


Size of Equipment

Whether the gym has cardio machines, weights or a combination of both, make sure you know the size of each piece’s footprint.

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Get creative with your gym lighting. Add some LED strip lighting. It’s functional, budget-friendly, and allows you to change the color and mood with the press of a button.

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A well-equipped gym has a lot of accessories. So think about how you’re going to store yoga mats, dumbbells, kettlebells, machine handles, foam rollers and other gym accessories.

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Plan to splurge on the machines your clients will use the most. But opt for less expensive dumbbells, kettlebells and weight plates. They are simple and even the less-expensive ones hold up well.

Home Gym Floor Plan Examples

Check out these examples of real home gym floor plans you can create with Cedreo. Can you imagine adding these to your project proposals?

2D home gym floor plan

2D Home Gym Floor Plan

3D floor plan

3D Home Gym Floor Plan

bedroom with home gym area

Home Gym Area inside Bedroom

home gym area in a garage

Garage/Gym Combo Floor Plan

Home Gym with Bathroom & Sauna Floor Plan

Home Gym with Bathroom & Sauna Floor Plan

2D gym layout

Small Home Gym Floor Plan

Home Gym Layout

Home Gym Layout

Home Gym Design

Home Gym Design

Home Gym Floor Plan FAQs

Got some more questions? Here are some answers. And don’t forget to check out the Cedreo design blog for more info.

What’s a good size for a home gym?

A good size for a home gym is between 200 and 400 square feet. That’s about the size of a single-car garage. It will give you enough space to fit a few pieces of both strength and cardio equipment in the gym.

How much does it cost to build a home gym?

The average cost to build a home gym is around $2,000. If you stick to just the essentials and get them used, you can build a decent home gym for just a few hundred dollars. But if you plan on having several commercial-grade cardio and strength training machines, you can easily spend several thousand dollars or more.

What’s the best color to paint a home gym?

The best gym color depends on the mood you want to set in your gym. For intense workout areas, go with equally intense colors like reds and oranges. Blue helps your gym feel cooler and can have a calming effect for zen workouts. White gives you the flexibility to accent with a variety of colors.

What is the best flooring for a home gym?

The best home gym flooring depends on your workouts. If you stick to cardio on treadmills or other machines, any hard surface floor that is easy to clean will work. If you use weights that will inevitably hit the floor at some point, avoid laminate and hardwood and stick with rubber, vinyl, or concrete.

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