5 Reasons Why Social Media Works for Home Builders


Imagine, during the initial meeting, a young couple looking for building a new house, explain to you that your home construction services have been strongly recommended by another client who just posted a 3D rendering of their future home on Facebook. After a bit of research, this young couple has decided to meet with you for a preliminary design. This scenario can become the norm if you learn how to master the art of social media marketing.

Social media for custom home builders can be very effective. The created content, shared on social media, creates interactions between potential buyers and is a powerful way to increase brand visibility, as well as establish close communication and engage directly with current and future clients. In short, social media marketing can create generations of loyal customers.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Houzz, or Pinterest: Each social media network has its own characteristics, but the process is always the same:

  • Receiving brand mentions through positive feedback
  • Collecting “likes,” followers, pins, recommendations, and positive opinions
  • Encouraging dialogue between your “ambassadors” and your followers
  • Encouraging your employees or anyone who could be your brand ambassador to get involved in expanding your community

Why does Social Media Marketing work so well for Home Builders?

1. It improves your brand awareness

By sharing content that highlights your brand name and performance, your brand is exposed to a powerful panel of potential home buyers. If your content is well-targeted, it will be followed and shared by your community.

Remember that in 2019, 70% of American people were using social media networks. Your future clients are more than likely part of one of these networks.

If you can create appropriate and targeted content for your future buyers, you have everything you need to create a viral campaign on social media. Create regular content, and post it to ensure that your ambassadors and followers can share it. The objective is to improve brand awareness by regularly exposing them – and their friends and followers – to your brand. When their followers are ready to contact a home builder, a remodeler or an interior designer, they’ll think of you.

Note that not all content is suitable for social media! Think in advance about which social networks potential clients are connected to, and what type of content they expect to see. Then decide on the content that you whish to produce, and establish rules regarding the frequency of publication, tone, vocabulary, keywords, etc. You are now on the verge of establishing your marketing strategy on social media.

2. It reassures future buyers

Social media networks are based on the Theory of Social Proofs. This is a theory which states that people generally look for guidance, especially when they’re faced with uncertainty or unknowns. If word of mouth can influence small purchases, it can be very powerful for large investments, such as the purchase of a house.

Many young buyers who are active on social media have very little or even no experience with buying a house. Any information found on the internet can play a role in their decision-making. Customers complaining on social networks or questions left with no answer are all turn offs. On the contrary, a home builder which is active on his business page, shares 3D home designs or floor plans, and quickly answer to comments, makes future buyers feel more comfortable. They will be more likely to call on you for a meeting, as their first interaction with your brand will leave a positive impression.

3. It creates engagement

Social media can also open up direct communication with potential clients: Have conversations with your community, speak directly to your followers, encourage interactions on your posts. Routinely respond to all the comments or questions. You will be building the foundation of an effective social media marketing strategy and creating a positive feedback loop for a successful customer experience.

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Be careful, though! These initial results take a long time to achieve. Don’t expect to attract thousands of followers in a few weeks. The process takes months.

If your budget allows for it, and if you wish to accelerate the process, you still can sponsor your content or launch an advertising campaign on whatever social networks you choose.

Optimize your advertising spending by targeting a specific geographic area or by filtering according to a specific demographic. For example, if you are a home builder based in Atlanta and you’re targeting first-time buyers, create a campaign that shows a 3D perspective of a single-family home corresponding to this audience and to the construction requirements for that region, and expose your ad campaign only to those who fit the following filters: Atlanta area/25-35 years.

Also remember to indicate in your campaigns the names of the cities or places where you’re present or plan to expand. Future buyers who are specifically looking to buil a house in this area will be all the more attentive to your communication.

4. It generates traffic to your website permanently

Everything you post on social media networks should link people to your website, whether it’s a contest announcement, an open house, a blog article, a floor plan, a 3D rendering, a link to a video, a picture, etc. When a visitor lands on your website, part of your goal has already been accomplished. To take it further, make sure everything is available there.

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5. It turns prospects into home buyers

Provide your online visitors with content that will make them want to take the next step, even if it’s only to register on your website to get extra information.

Don’t forget about Call to Action buttons on your site, as they attract the visitor’s attention.

Capture the information you need in order to lead them to your sales funnel. Then it’s up to your sales team to set up a first meeting. If they convert into home buyers, they may become your ambassadors on social media.

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