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With Cedreo, it’s never been easier to create an attractive small office layout. Our intuitive tools and extensive library of office furnishings help interior designers, builders, and remodelers create professional 2D & 3D small office floor plans in just a few minutes. Help your clients envision their new office and close deals faster.
UI shot of a small office floor plan in Cedreo

Types of Small Office Floor Plans

It can be tough to fit everything your client needs into tight small office dimensions. That’s why it’s best to use a combination of 2D and 3D small office plans, complete with dimensions and office furnishings, to help ensure the office layout will become a productive workspace. Room plans and 3D renderings will also help your clients understand how their finished office design will really look.
Small office 2D floor plan designed with Cedreo

2D Small Office Floor Plans

A 2D small office floor plan shows the space from above and can include dimensions, partition locations, and even furniture symbols. An accurate 2D floor plan is the first step in designing an efficient workspace.

Cedreo’s continuous drawing mode helps you create accurate small office floor plans in 5 minutes or less. As you draw the plan, you instantly see the updated dimensions and surface areas. Then, just drag and drop doors, windows, and office furniture symbols into place.

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3D Small Office Floor Plans

3D floor plans help bring your 2D plans to life. Cedreo allows your clients to simultaneously view their new office in 3D as 2D drawings are updated. This makes it easy to adjust office plans to match your clients’ taste and needs, while instantly seeing the changes reflected in the 3D visualization.

You can add colors, materials, and office furnishings from Cedreo’s extensive 3D design library and then move through the workspace from a first-person perspective to help your clients visualize working in their new finished office space.

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Small office 3D floor plan designed with Cedreo
3D rendering of a small office floor plan designed with Cedreo

3D Rendered Small Office Layouts

All it takes is 5 minutes for Cedreo to create a custom room rendering based on the office lighting, time of day, camera perspective, and more!

Being able to visualize how an office space will really look helps your clients make better design decisions that pave the way to another successfully completed project.

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Small Office Floor Plan Examples

Check out some examples of real small office layouts created with Cedreo. These floor plans showcase different layouts depending on clients needs and constraints.
2D floor plan of a small and closed office
Small office floor plan closed
2D floor plan of a small office in a living room
Home office floor plan
2D Office floor plan with dimensions
Office floor plan with dimensions
Small office 3D floor plan designed with Cedreo
Rendered small office floor plan
Client-focused small office 3D floor plan
Client-focused small office floor plan
Small office 3d floor plan for two people
Small office floor plan for two people

Small Office Layout Considerations


Office space needs can easily change over the years. If this might be the case for your clients, it’s best to limit the number of permanent walls you include in your designs. Instead, make better use of temporary partitions or cubicle systems since they can easily be reconfigured as needed. You can also create a more flexible space by designing multi-use areas that work for a variety of purposes.


Be sure to include a variety of different lighting sources in your clients’ small office plans. Making good use of natural light helps reduce energy costs while also adding to workers’ sense of happiness. Then, combine natural lighting with daylight-colored task lighting to illuminate each persons’ workspace and improve alertness.


An uncomfortable office chair or a desk that’s too small can make a workday seem to drag on forever. That’s why it’s important to choose office furniture that provides a comfortable and ergonomic place to work. Look for desks, chairs, and other office furniture that are versatile and easy to adjust based on each persons’ height and body shape.

Space and Placement

As you work with your clients, consider how their employees will need to interact with each other. If their employees need to exchange ideas often with each other, consider designing a more open office layout. On the other hand, if certain employees need to concentrate for long periods on detailed tasks, it’s best to give them a more private workspace to avoid distractions.


More and more companies are prioritizing collaboration and interaction between their employees. That’s why it’s important to include areas that facilitate interaction and encourage creativity. This could include open floor plans, casual meeting areas, and even larger break rooms.


Make sure employees who need to concentrate on detailed tasks won’t be disturbed by noises from break rooms, telephones, and printers. You can do this with sound absorbing furniture and partitions with acoustic insulation.

And if you’re designing a small home office floor plan, it’s best to position it away from living rooms and children’s play areas to minimize noise and promote concentration.

Create Stunning 2D and 3D Small Office Floor Plans Online… in Minutes

Cedreo is used by thousands of home builders , remodelers and interior designers to bring small office floor plans to life. With Cedreo, you don’t need to be skilled in 3D design to create professional small office layouts.