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Top Bathroom Design Trends in 2024


Whether you’re a builder, remodeler, or interior designer, staying ahead in your business means keeping up with the latest trends. So let’s dive into the latest bathroom design trends of 2024!

In this 5-minute read, we’ll provide insights into how these trends have evolved and offer practical tips for incorporating them into your future projects. Get ready to discover fresh ideas that will elevate your designs and impress your clients.

Let’s start with a quick look at bathroom designs through the years.

Here’s a glimpse into the shifting preferences and technologies over the decades:

  • 1970s: This era was marked by bold colors like avocado green and harvest gold. Bathrooms often featured colored fixtures and shag carpets that reflected a love for earth tones and a touch of whimsy.
  • 1980s: The ’80s brought the glamour of glossy surfaces, Hollywood-style bulb lights, and large, ornate vanities. Pastel hues and floral patterns were also popular.
  • 1990s: This decade saw a shift towards minimalism, with white fixtures, monochromatic color schemes, and an emphasis on natural light. The 90s also introduced the concept of the bathroom as a personal retreat, paving the way for larger, more luxurious spaces.
  • 2000s: The new millennium welcomed the rise of luxury in bathroom design. Spa-inspired designs became popular with jetted tubs, rain showers, and natural materials like stone and wood. 
  • 2010s: Eco-friendly designs took center stage. Think low-flow toilets, LED lighting, and the use of sustainable materials. The 2010s also saw the rise of smart home technology in bathrooms, with programmable showers and heated floors becoming more popular.
  • 2020s: In recent years, the focus shifted towards creating a balance of comfort, functionality, and style. Think integrated technology, personalized spaces, and a mix of textures and materials. And wellness-focused features, like aromatherapy showers and chromotherapy lighting, started gaining popularity.

Each decade’s trends reflect the broader cultural shifts of the time. This gives you valuable insights into how our personal living spaces adapt to changing lifestyles and technological advancements. So as we move into 2024, these historical trends serve as a foundation for the new, innovative designs we see emerging.

Here are 10 of the top trends for 2024, blending style, functionality, and the latest technology. See ways to use them on your next project.

1. Water Closets

water closets example
3D render generated with Cedreo

The Trend: Water closets have become a staple in modern bathroom design, offering an added level of privacy and luxury. While the term “water closet” can mean different things in different parts of the world, here we are referring to a toilet in a small private room. This creates a separate, enclosed space for the toilet, distinct from the rest of the bathroom. It’s not just about functionality. It’s about elevating the aesthetic and comfort of the bathroom.

Tips for Using: When designing water closets, consider adding small luxuries like a mini sink or high-quality finishes. Ventilation is key for these smaller spaces, so ensure proper air circulation. For a touch of elegance, frosted glass doors can offer privacy while maintaining an open feel.

2. Doorless Showers

doorless shower example
Source: IstockPhoto

The Trend: The doorless shower trend focuses on a seamless design that merges the shower space with the rest of the bathroom. This design eliminates the barrier of a shower door to create an open, airy feel. But it’s not just about aesthetics. It’s also about accessibility and making the bathroom more user-friendly for all ages.

Tips for Using: Ensure proper water containment with strategically placed drains and sloped floors. Consider adding a radiant heating system under the tiles for added comfort. Try to balance the open feel with privacy elements, like partial walls or frosted glass panels.

3. Fridges

bathroom with fridge
Source: Pinterest

The Trend: The introduction of mini-fridges in bathrooms is a nod to the growing desire for luxury and convenience in personal spaces. They’re ideal for storing skincare products, medicines or beverages.

Tips for Using: Choose fridges that complement the bathroom’s design. Built-in models can blend seamlessly with cabinetry. A standalone retro-style fridge can add character. Ensure electrical safety and proper ventilation for the appliance.

4. Slab or Large-Format Tile

bathroom with large tiles example
Source: Pinterest

The Trend: Large-format tiles, including slab tiles, can transform bathrooms into sleek, luxurious spaces. These tiles minimize grout lines, creating a smooth, continuous surface that’s both visually expansive and easy to clean. Popular choices are materials like porcelain and natural stone.

Tips for Using: Ensure a level subfloor and precise installation to avoid uneven surfaces. Consider the weight of the tiles, especially for wall applications, and use the appropriate adhesive. Large-format tiles also work well with underfloor heating systems.

5. Backlit Mirrors

bathroom with backlit mirror example
Source: Pinterest

The Trend: Backlit mirrors combine functionality with a modern aesthetic. They provide a soft, diffused light to create an illusion of depth and make bathrooms appear more spacious. These mirrors also provide ideal lighting for grooming tasks.

Tips for Using: Select mirrors with adjustable color temperatures for different lighting needs. Consider anti-fog features for extra functionality. For a dramatic effect, pair a large backlit mirror with a minimalist vanity. And ensure the lighting complements other fixtures in the bathroom for a cohesive look.

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6. Smart Toilets and Tubs

smart shower example
Image by Kohler

The Trend: Smart toilets and tubs are revolutionizing bathroom experiences, blending luxury with technology. These fixtures come with features like self-cleaning functions, bidets, seat warmers, even mood lighting and built-in speakers. Smart tubs offer programmable temperatures and jet speeds, turning bathing into a personalized spa experience.

Tips for Using: Highlight the hygiene and convenience benefits of smart toilets to clients, especially in luxury or high-tech bathroom designs. For smart tubs, consider space and electrical requirements. Consider incorporating voice or app controls for added convenience and a futuristic touch.

7. Under-Cabinet Lighting

under cabinets lighting example
Source: Houzz

The Trend: Under-cabinet lighting is emerging as a popular trend. It not only enhances the overall ambiance of the bathroom but also provides practical illumination, especially useful during nighttime visits when you don’t want to turn on the lights. You can install this lighting under vanities or cabinets to cast a soft glow on the floor.

Tips for Using: Use LED strips for a continuous, energy-efficient light source. Pair them with motion sensors for automatic activation, adding to the bathroom’s smart functionality. Choose a color temperature that complements other lighting fixtures in the bathroom for a harmonious design.

8. Steam Showers

bathroom with steam shower example
Design: Arieli Custom Homes

The Trend: Steam showers offer your clients a spa-like experience at home. These showers seal in steam, providing therapeutic benefits and a luxurious escape. They’re perfect for relaxation and can be customized with various features like aromatherapy and chromotherapy.

Tips for Using: Ensure the bathroom has adequate ventilation to handle the extra moisture. Consider a built-in bench for a comfortable steam experience. Offer clients options for customizing their steam showers with additional features like built-in speakers or mood lighting.

9. Floating Vanities

bathroom with floating vanities example
Designed with Cedreo software

The Trend: Floating vanities (vanities that are mounted to the wall instead of sitting on the floor) are perfect for creating a sense of space and openness in the bathroom. This trend suits a variety of styles, from minimalist to contemporary. Plus it makes cleaning floors easier. 

Tips for Using: Ensure the wall has sufficient blocking to support the vanity’s weight. Use under-vanity lighting for a dramatic, floating effect. Combine with wall-mounted faucets for a sleek, cohesive look. Offer storage solutions like drawers or shelves to balance the minimalist design with functionality.

10. Wet Rooms

wet room example
Source: Wild Rose Interiors Inc

The Trend: Wet rooms represent the ultimate in open-concept bathroom design. These are fully waterproofed spaces where the shower area is not confined by trays or enclosures. Wet rooms are a popular choice for small bathroom designs. 

Tips for Using: Prioritize waterproofing to prevent leaks and moisture damage. Consider adding a sloped floor towards the drain to ensure proper water drainage. Use glass panels to separate the shower area while maintaining the open feel. Offer clients a range of non-slip flooring options for safety and style.

In 2024, it’s clear you want to stay away from outdated bathroom trends such as:

  • Hollywood vanity lights
  • Wallpaper borders
  • Excessive tiling with busy patterns
  • Overuse of brass fixtures
  • Matching everything — soap dishes, towel racks, etc.
  • Pedestal sinks with zero storage

Stear clear of those outdated trends and step into 2024 with the trends from this article. From the luxury of smart toilets and steam showers to the sleek aesthetics of floating vanities and large-format tiles, these trends give you plenty of ways to create stunning spaces that wow your clients. 

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