How do You Make a 3D Floor Plan?

3D floor plan of a craftsman house designed with Cedreo
3D floor plan of a farmhouse designed with Cedreo

In order to get a 3D floor plan rendering of a house, home builders, remodelers and interior designers use 3D floor plan software. This 3D view allows them to explain the project more easily and help the clients to visualize themselves in the house before it is built.

The first step in making a 3D floor plan is to draw the exterior walls and the rooms of the ground floor in 2D. Once that is done, you can add the basement and other floors.

Next, you add the windows and doors and customize the colors and measurements. You select the wall and flooring coverings, color of the walls according to the style your clients want for their house.

To finish, you choose the furniture and decoration for each room to give a realistic vision of the potential of the house. You can also display the exterior on the house plan with elements such as the pool and deck, a part of the roof…

Drawing a 3D floor plan is quick and easy as long as you choose the right software.

Tips about how to choose the best 3D floor plan software in this article.

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