What is a 3D Floor Plan Rendering?

3D floor plan of a ranch house designed with Cedreo
3D floor plan designed with Cedreo

A 3D floor plan rendering is a representation of a 2D floor plan with the 3D perspective. It replaces the basic black & white 2D floor plan to allow home buyers to easily read, understand the complete home project and visualize the spaces in 3D before the home is built.

Home builders, remodelers and interior designers create 3D floor plan renderings to help their clients envision their future home and see the big picture. They help communicate the idea of the home project to the clients more easily and avoid misunderstandings.

3D floor plan renderings include the walls, doors, flooring details, paint colors and windows of each room for the selected floor as well as the furniture and decoration. The deck and the garden can also appear to give a precise view of the potential of the home.

They are created with 3D floor plan rendering software. Once you have drawn the floor plan in 2D, you just need to select the appropriate angle and the floor you want to showcase to automatically generate the 3D floor plan.

Tips about how to choose the best 3D floor plan rendering software in this article.

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