Detached Garage Floor Plans

2D Detached Garage Floor Plans

View garage floor plans in 3D while designing in 2D

Photorealistic Home Floor Plans with Detached Garage

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Draw Detached Garage Plans in Minutes

Don’t waste any time on your next detached garage project. With Cedreo’s intuitive toolset, you can create detached garage floor plans in a matter of minutes — not days. Save time, impress clients with 3D renderings, and close more deals with the latest innovation in easy-to-use design software.

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2D Detached Garage Floor Plans

2D house plans with a detached garage show a flattened view of the buildings from above. These types of garage plans are important for seeing the overall layout as well as important design elements like windows, doors, measurements, and fixtures. However, 2D plans can be difficult for a lot of clients to understand. That’s why we suggest you also add 3D plans to your project proposal.

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2D single car garage floor plan
Detached garage with office 3D floor plan

3D Detached Garage Floor Plans

3D detached garage designs can show the garage from a variety of perspectives and give clients a more immersive view of the space. 3D floor plans (like the ones you can create with Cedreo) show the layout from a bird’s eye view complete with furnishings, paint, flooring, and decorations. But Cedreo doesn’t stop there. You can also create 3D renderings to showcase a realistic view of how the finished project will look in real life.

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3D Photorealistic Visualization

Looking to take your designs off the page and into reality? With powerful photorealistic rendering capabilities, Cedreo can tackle the heavy lifting, leaving you with stunning renders that will wow your clients in minutes. Adjust lighting, choose the exact perspective and more all in one feature-packed 3D toolkit.

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detached garage rendering designed with Cedreo

6 Key Considerations for Detached Garage Plans

Creating detached garage floor plans is a formidable task. Don’t let the small footprint of the garage fool you. In most cases, you’ll need to understand several key planning areas to make the most out of your designs. To help you along the way, here are a few key considerations.


How will you use your detached garage? Whether it’s for additional storage, a home for the family vehicle or something more creative like a gym, make sure you have all the right design elements in place.


You’ll find plenty of flooring choices for your detached garage designs. From concrete and wood to epoxy and vinyl, make sure you think about how you’ll use the space to find the right flooring choice for the project.


Think about access points. How will you or your client get from the main house to the garage? You may want to consider additional features like a covered walkway to keep everyone comfortable even when it’s raining.


While the space might be smaller, detached garages can still require a considerable budget. The average cost per square foot to build a garage is around $52


A detached garage is a great place for extra storage. Consider adding shelving, cabinets or even a loft to build out the storage area of your garage.

Insulation and Ventilation

If you plan on spending some time in your garage or want to make it an extra living space, you need to consider both insulation and ventilation. This is especially true for colder or hotter climates.

Detached Garage Floor Plan Examples

When it comes to house plans with a detached garage, you’ll find plenty of different styles and configurations. To help you understand your design options, here are a few detached garage floor plan examples.

single car 3D floor plan

Single Car Detached Garage

Multi-Car Detached Garage Design

Multi-Car Detached Garage Designs

Detached Garage with Carport designed with Cedreo

Detached Garage with Carport

Detached Garage Floor Plan with Office designed with Cedreo

Detached Garage Floor Plan with Office

Detached Garage Workshop Floor Plan

Detached Garage Workshop Floor Plan

RV detached garage designed with Cedreo

RV Detached Garage

detached garage with loft designed with Cedreo

House Plans with Detached Garage and Loft

Multi-Car Detached Garage Designs

Double Car Detached Garage Plans

Detached Garage  Floor Plan FAQs

Are you hunting for more information about home floor plans with detached garage design? Let’s take a look at some common questions and answers about the planning and design process.

Can You Turn a Detached Garage into a Guest House?

Having extra space for guests can really make all the difference during visits. While you can turn your garage into a guest house, be sure to consider factors like bathrooms, places to sleep or kitchen accessibility. But, this will also increase project costs significantly, with the price per square foot hitting around $150.

How Can You Manage Project Costs?

Every project has a budget. But how can you manage your budget while still staying true to your floor plan designs? Cost estimation software is a great addition to any software toolkit, offering simple and streamlined ways to estimate project costs in minutes. With platforms like Cedreo and CostCertified, you can even turn existing plans into a budget without extra effort.

Which Garage Floor Plan Design Software is the Best?

If you’re considering design software, you’ll find dozens of available options. To find the right platform, you’ll need to understand your specific experience level and required tools. Some software options, like Cedreo, cater to virtually every type of user, from amateur designers to expert contractors.

What About Installing Solar Panels?

Detached garage roofs are the perfect location for solar panels. With the right tools, you or your team can design aesthetically pleasing solar architecture that saves energy and looks good. From mounted panels to solar shingles, you’ll find plenty of different options to meet your exact project needs.

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