4 Ways to Use Kitchen Design Renderings in Presentations



Life happens in the kitchen. It’s where families come together. It’s where food is cooked, baked, and shared. It’s where your clients picture themselves spending a lot of time. That means they need to be able to picture themselves at home in their new or remodeled kitchen during your sales presentation.

You can’t give them the actual completed kitchen to tour before the sale is final. So, give them the next best thing: a photorealistic kitchen rendering.

Photorealistic kitchen renderings made with Cedreo are fully tourable and realistic. Clients will be able to envision themselves in their new kitchen, when they see your photorealistic kitchen render.

In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of kitchen renderings and how you can use them in your sales presentations. Read on to learn more.

What Is Kitchen Design Rendering?

Let’s start with the basics: What is a kitchen rendering? A kitchen design rendering is a hyper-realistic visual representation of your kitchen design. It allows you to showcase the kitchen’s layout, its position within the home, the placement and style of appliances, cabinetry, seating areas, and nearly any other detail you can imagine.

Kitchen design rendering happens inside floor plan software like Cedreo. The best kitchen design software will allow you to render a 2D kitchen plan and 3D floor plan, then generate a photorealistic rendering and download the rendering file for use in sales presentations to clients.

Kitchen 2D floor plan created with Cedreo
3D render of a farmhouse kitchen designed with Cedreo

Benefits of Kitchen Design Rendering

Not all interior designers, home builders, architects, and contractors use kitchen renderings in their sales presentations. Instead, they rely on outdated and often ineffective methods like design boards, charts, and swatches.

Although some professionals may be more comfortable with the old way of doing sales presentations, today’s clients expect more than static plans. They expect a realistic kitchen render that places them inside the design they are about to pay you for. And giving clients the rendering they expect has several highly desirable benefits. Here’s what you can do with kitchen renderings:

Provide an accurate representation of the finished project

As so many professionals in the design and construction industries know, clients are sometimes excited about a concept but disappointed with the final product. In many cases, this disconnect is the result of clients and designers not being on the same page — they each pictured the end result differently.

With kitchen design rendering software, you don’t have to worry about this issue. Providing a photorealistic rendering gives the client an exact picture of almost every conceivable detail about their kitchen. Because the disappointment is so often in the details, you want a rendering that leaves little room for misunderstanding.

Share designs online

Business is done online these days, and that applies to selling kitchen construction and remodeling services. Cedreo is a 100% cloud-based floor plan software that allows you to download and export a 3D rendering of your kitchen design and share it with your client online. That way, the client can review the design at their own pace and take the time necessary to formulate an in-depth opinion of the kitchen concept.

Act on client feedback in real time

This is a common scenario: You are sharing a kitchen design with a client, and the client offers some immediate feedback. Working with traditional concept boards and offline methods, you have no choice but to write down the feedback and literally go back to the drawing board, delaying the approval process by days or weeks.

The beauty of working in a full-featured kitchen design software is that you can save your design and come back to it later — including in the middle of client review. That means you can apply client feedback to your kitchen floor plan in real time and generate a new photorealistic rendering in minutes.

Get faster approvals

It almost goes without saying: Being able to make changes quickly based on a client’s response to a kitchen rendering saves time. Your ability to make quick changes and send a new kitchen render to the client can shave weeks off of the average client approval timeline.

Close deals faster

Getting faster approvals from clients means you can close deals faster. The ability to quickly make your client’s vision for their kitchen a reality means the deal is sealed in less time. That lets you get to work and close more deals with other clients.

Bolster marketing efforts

As a designer or home builder, marketing may not be the first thing on your mind, but it’s an important consideration if you want to grow your business. With Cedreo’s lifelike kitchen render capability, you instantly get not only a nice rendering to show to your client, but a piece of marketing collateral that you can use in almost any kind of ad.

A beautiful, detailed kitchen rendering can build your business’s reputation as a world-class kitchen designer or remodeler. The rendered image can add the all-important visual component you need in truly effective ads and other marketing channels.

Gain a competitive advantage

Many of the above benefits of kitchen design renderings — faster approvals, more deals, better marketing, and happier clients — come together to provide another extremely important benefit: you get an advantage over your competitors who don’t provide 3D kitchen renders. That may be the make-or-break detail that helps you outpace your competitors.

Cut costs

Saving time on client approvals, reducing the number of hours spent on designing and redesigning, and getting high-value marketing collateral makes 3D kitchen design software extremely cost-effective. With just one kitchen project, you can recoup the cost of the software and then some.

4 Ways to Use Kitchen Renderings in Sales Presentations

The benefits of giving tourable kitchen renderings to clients are clear, but how, exactly, should you use a kitchen render in your sales presentations? Below, we explore four methods made possible by Cedreo.

View projects from multiple angles

What will the kitchen look like from the entryway? What will the client see while standing at the sink? These are all questions you can answer by showcasing the kitchen project from various angles. The more perspectives you can provide during the sales presentation, the more likely your client will be to fully understand what it will be like to actually use the kitchen. With Cedreo, you can create kitchen renders that showcase nearly any angle.

Kitchen render viewpoint 1
Kitchen render viewpoint 2

Demonstrate use of space

Before coming to you for help remodeling their kitchen, your client likely stood in their kitchen and puzzled over how to make the space work better. They probably didn’t have a lot of great ideas — after all, they are depending on your expertise for that. With a 3D kitchen rendering, you can demonstrate the various use cases for the kitchen, including sitting areas for casual family dining, spaces for entertaining, and relating the kitchen space with the rest of the home. During the sales presentation, use various angles to point out the possible uses for each space inside the kitchen.

Present designs with different lighting

With Cedreo, you can control the indoor and outdoor lighting in your kitchen rendering. Help your client see how light will pour through the kitchen window, how overhead light fixtures will illuminate the bar seating area at the kitchen island, and more. The ability to control and display different lighting gives you a chance to showcase different moods and uses in your sales presentation.

Showcase kitchen decor, furnishings, and materials

Cedreo allows you to choose from more than 3,000 pieces of furniture, appliances, and decor for your kitchen, as well as dozens of materials to use for kitchen floors, walls, and countertops. Each item can be customized to meet your client’s exact specifications or convey the exact mood you are aiming for in your design.

Harness the Power of 3D Kitchen Renderings

A 3D kitchen render is a powerful tool that can help you close more deals, please more clients, increase your revenue, and grow your business. Cedreo offers the best online kitchen rendering software. Designers, home builders, architects, and contractors choose Cedreo for its intuitive features and high-powered functionality. It’s time to get started: Create powerful kitchen renderings with Cedreo today.

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