Visual what's new May 2020

May 2020 - News and Updates

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If you've missed anything this month about your 3D Home Design Software, this news summary will help put you on the right page!

Visual Sixpence

Success Story

Take a look at how Sixpence 21 LTD has doubled the productivity of conceptuals by using Cedreo to help clients visualize their project and reduce drafting times.

Visual basement YouTube

Improve your Cedreo skills with videos

New tutorials have been added to our YouTube channel (subscribe for more). One of them explains for example how to create a basement for your project.

Visual new items

New items in your catalogs

If you missed the news in the project manager, you have to know that some bar stools, kitchen islands, AC, switches, plugs, bath mats, awning windows, many doors and new symbols have been added to your catalogs. We hope you will like them!
Visual interior designers

3D Visualization for Interior Designers

This month, the spotlight is on Interior Designers. Here are the 5 things you must know about 3D visualization.

Visual fail

So funny fail

This will never happen with a good 3D architecture software ! Right?

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