Customize Floor Plans

Customize 2D and 3D floor plan designs in minutes.

Customize 2D and 3D Floor Plans Online

Cookie-cutter simply won’t cut it for your floor plan — whether it’s for your family or one of your clients. You need something original. You need to be able to customize floor plans quickly, without sacrificing any of the quality or detail you need.

Only one software allows you to create professional customized house plans in two hours or less: Cedreo. With Cedreo, you get an intuitive user interface, powerful design features, and unrivaled customer support — all the tools you’ll need to design the perfect floor plan. Read on to learn how Cedreo helps professionals like you customize house plans with ease.

2D floor plan of an apartment designed with Cedreo

Customizable 2D Floor Plans

Cedreo enables you to quickly design customizable floor plans in 2D . With continuous drawing, you simply click to create a corner. With your floor plan outlined, it’s time to drag and drop 2D architectural symbols for doors, windows, outdoor elements, and even furniture.

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Customizable 3D Floor Plans

As you design a floor plan in 2D, Cedreo renders your design in the nearby 3D window. You can customize either of the floor plans and see the changes reflected in the other instantly. No more long waits for 3D renderings .

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3d floor plan designed with Cedreo
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“Cedreo allows you to quickly mock up a whole scheme in just a couple of hours, which really saves so much time!”

Frankie S.

Customize Floor Plan Elements With a Few Clicks

Every click counts in Cedreo. One-click creates a corner. Another customizes room names, one reveals a massive furniture and decoration library and one more starts the photorealistic rendering process. See below for examples of what you can do in Cedreo with just a few clicks.

1. Customize room names and colors

Customized house plans should come with customized room names and custom colors . With Cedreo, that level of customization is easy to achieve. With a couple of clicks, enter room names and choose the colors of every surface and wall.
UI shot Plan Step Cedreo
UI shot of the Furnishing step Cedreo

2. Customize furniture and decor

Cedreo maintains a massive library of 2D and 3D furniture and decorations you can use to customize floor plans with ease. Pick by category or by collection, and drag what you want where you want it in two quick clicks.

3. Customize materials

Walls, countertops, floors, driveways, yards, decks , and pool areas all have surfaces you can customize with Cedreo. Choose the perfect texture, color, and material from an enormous library and instantly apply it to the surface.
UI shot of the Materials step Cedreo
UI shot of the Layout Step

4. Customize scale and dimensions

With Cedreo, dimensions and scale are completely customizable. If you get client feedback and need to resize the entire project, it’s a simple matter of clicking and dragging to get your design where you need to be. Draw to scale with ease every single time.

5. Customize general display settings

Your floor plans should look exactly how you want them to. With Cedreo, that’s a given. You decide whether your design is furnished, whether you display dimensions , and a host of other display options to make sure you customize floor plans your way with no compromises.
UI shot plan step
UI shot HD visual step

6. Customize viewpoint and camera angle

Customizable house plans shouldn’t stop being customized when the design is done. You should be able to customize the viewpoint and camera angle with which you display your floor plan. And with Cedreo, you can. A couple of clicks let you put the camera exactly where you want it to be.
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“I was shocked to find how easy it is to use their website software. No other 3D home design even compares to Cedreo. So happy we found it!”

Daniel K.

Examples of Customized Floor Plans

Customizable floor plans are just a few clicks away when you’re using Cedreo. And if you or your clients can dream it, Cedreo can create it. Whether you’re putting together a black and white one-story floor plan in 2D or a multi-story 3D plan in vivid color, you can do it with Cedreo. Below are just a few examples of how you can customize floor plans with the leading floor plan design software.
Black and white 2D floor plan
Black and white 2D floor plan
3D house plan w/ furniture
3D house plan w/ furniture
Colored 2D floor plan
Colored 2D floor plan
Colored 2D plan w/ furniture
Colored 2D plan w/ furniture
2d black and white kitchen plan
2d black and white kitchen plan
Multi-story 2D colored plan
Multi-story 2D colored plan

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